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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Alkaline water vs Softened Water for Health

Alkaline water is a lot better than softened water for health. The reason is that alkaline water contains healthy amounts of calcium and magnesium. Softened water contains little or no calcium or magnesium because water softeners replace those minerals with salt. Fact is, if you have a water softener, you are better off drinking your water straight from the tap.

alkaline water vs softened water for health infographic

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is a lot better for your health than softened water!

Alkaline water is also better tasting than softened water, a lot better tasting in fact. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes sweeter and more refreshing than plain water. Homeowners that have water softeners can benefit from a water ionizer:

  • Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes great – STOP wasting money on bottled water!
  • Water ionizers purify water of toxins, water softeners don’t
  • Alkaline water from hard water contains essential calcium and magnesium

Water softeners remove healthy minerals from hard water

Hard water is a headache for homeowners, it clogs pipes and appliances, plus it tastes bad. A water softener prevents hard water build up, but the water it makes doesn’t taste good. Water softeners work by exchanging the mineral ions in hard water – magnesium and calcium – for sodium or potassium ions. As a result, softened water has none of the minerals you need for better health. There’s a reason softened water doesn’t taste good, your body doesn’t want it.

FACT: People who drink soft water are at greater risk for heart trouble than people who drink hard water.

Alkaline water contains healthy minerals from hard water

Hard water contains large amounts of calcium carbonates and magnesium carbonate. Both of these are good for health but give water a bitter, chalky taste. Water ionizers convert the mineral carbonates in hard water into mineral hydrates – calcium hydrate and magnesium hydrate. These mineral hydrates are recognized by the FDA for their contribution to human nutrition. As a matter of fact, calcium hydrate is so good for you that it is used to fortify infant formula and orange juice with calcium!

The mineral hydrates in alkaline water made by a water ionizer make it taste sweet and refreshing. A water ionizer makes it easy to get beneficial calcium and magnesium from your water simply because ionized alkaline water tastes so good. It’s a simple fact of life: If your water tastes great, you will drink more of it.

FACT: Calcium and magnesium are 30% easier for your body to absorb from water than they are from food.

Alkaline water by Life Ionizers tastes better than the water you’re drinking right now, we guarantee it. Call us at 877-959-7977 to find out how easy it is to make your water the best water you ever tasted!

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