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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Alkaline Water Systems for Home Use

Alkaline Water ionizer versus alkaline filter pitcher comparison infographic

Both make healthy water, but water ionizers do more for your health

There are two kinds of alkaline water systems made today for home use: Water ionizers, which make  water alkaline using electricity, and alkaline water filters which make water alkaline by adding minerals to it. Each  system has its advantages, and many people find it advantageous to have both.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Home water ionizers use a process called electrodialysis to separate the  minerals in water from the carbonate (dissolved CO2) that is found in tap water. The best water ionizers will use multiple filters to purify incoming tap water before ionizing it. The ionization process gives the water it’s alkaline pH balance and antioxidant properties. As a general rule, the more wattage that an ionizer has, the stronger the water it can make.

Advantages of owning a water ionizer

A home water ionizer makes healthy  water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. A water ionizer is able to supply a virtually unlimited supply of healthy water for less than a penny a gallon! A home water ionizer is the best choice for the average family that wants healthy water.

Alkaline Water Filters

Alkaline water filters raise the pH of water by adding minerals to it, but do not create as strong of an antioxidant benefit in the water as a home water ionizer. Portability is a big advantage of an alkaline water filter pitcher because they don’t use electricity. This makes them perfect for travel, camping, the gym or any place you want healthy water.

Which Alkaline Water System is best?

Both  systems have their advantages. Water ionizers make lots of  water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Alkaline water filter pitchers are convenient, and easily portable, and provide some of the benefits of owning a water ionizer.

A home water ionizer is the best choice for making alkaline water at home. Water ionizers make water that is perfect for health and cooking, and acidic water that is a miracle for hair and skin care. A home water ionizer can save an average family thousands per year over the cost of bottled water.

An alkaline water filter pitcher is an economical way to make alkaline water, but is not as capable as a water ionizer. The filter in an alkaline water filter has to purify and alkalize water, so it will not purify your water as well as a water ionizer’s filters.

The alkaline water system that’s best for you will depend on your situation. Some people just starting out will opt for an alkaline water filter to become acquainted with the benefits of alkaline water. They will then move up to a home water ionizer when they discover the benefits of alkaline water. Others will opt for a home water ionizer so they have enough alkaline water for themselves, family and friends.



Which  system is right for you? Call our healthy water experts today at 877-959-7977 for a free analysis of your home water situation and health needs.


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  • Johnny Colley says:

    I am buying a home in 202 and want to install a water ionizer in my water line coming in to my home.
    What do I need and what is the average cost of an ionizer equipment less installation?

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