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Large Alkaline Water Study Shows Heart Benefit

The largest study ever conducted on the benefits of alkaline water for heart health states: “The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on human arteries.” The study, called Hard water and heart: the story revisited reviews large population studies from the U.S and Europe which showed that alkaline water (also known as hard water) protects human arteries from arteriosclerosis and can significantly reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Alkaline water could extend millions of lives

alkaline water heart study infographic

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the human arteries

61.8 million Americans have heart disease according to the Centers for Disease Control, which is about 12% of all Americans.  Atherosclerotic vascular disease is the leading cause of death in the Western world. Heart disease, as well as obesity and bone disease is at epidemic levels in America.

But there is hope, another large study on the benefits of alkaline water called Magnesium in Drinking Water and Ischemic Heart Disease shows that heart health can be improved by water borne magnesium. The magnesium in alkaline water is absorbed 30% easier and faster by your body than it is from supplements. Magnesium is also easier for your body to absorb from alkaline water than it is from food.

Why Hard Water is Alkaline Water

Hard water is made alkaline by the minerals in it: calcium carbonate, dolomite, and calcium sulphate are the most common. Studies show that these minerals are responsible for alkaline water’s protective effect on arteries, heart benefits, and other health benefits. But there is one problem with hard water; most people refuse to drink it. It is one of the great ironies that confounds medical health experts, most people have hard water, and it could benefit their health, but they refuse to drink it

The problem with hard water, and how to fix it

The number one reason given by people who refuse to drink hard water is that it tastes bad. Hard water tastes bitter and chalky, and it makes terrible coffee and tea. Another reason some people give for avoiding hard water is concern over toxins like chlorine. Thankfully the taste of hard water and toxins in it can be fixed by a water ionizer.

Best tasting water you ever drank, guaranteed

An alkaline water ionizer turns ordinary hard water from the tap into purified, ionized alkaline water. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes sweeter and more refreshing than bottled waters, tap water, or any other water you’re currently drinking, Life Ionizers guarantees it.

Best purified alkaline water you ever drank, guaranteed

A Life alkaline water ionizer comes with multiple internal filters, and a custom configured pre-filter that is selected based on an analysis of your local water quality report. If we find toxins in your water, we will give you the right filter to address them. Life Ionizers is the only water ionizer company that cares enough to study your water and fix the problems with it. That’s why we can guarantee our alkaline water.

Do you want the purest, healthiest, best tasting glass of water you ever drank? Call us today at 877-959-7977

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