Alkaline Water May Stop Bone Loss, experts agree

Experts aren’t certain what causes bone loss

Doctor giving woman a checkupMedical experts are now acknowledging that there may be a connection between drinking alkaline water, and maintaining bone health. This is surprising because alkaline water has faced a lot of criticism. Skeptics claim there are no studies supporting the benefits of alkaline water, and some even suggest that it is a modern “snake oil”. But  health experts, such as Katherine Zeratsky of the Mayo Clinic disagree. This article examines the link between alkalinity and bone loss, which even skeptics of alkaline water admit exists.

Columbia University Health Advice: Drinking alkaline water can lead to decreased bone loss

Columbia University provides health & wellness advice on its website for faculty and students. An advice column called Go Ask Alice addresses a question about alkaline water posed by one of Columbia’s students. The student asks about alkaline water wondering if: “if it’s actually good for me”. The author of the article recounts some of the claimed health benefits of alkaline water and states that  more research has to be done to conclusively prove many of the health benefits of drinking alkalized water.

However, the article also points out that “studies have shown that alkaline water can lead to a decrease of bone loss in pre-menopausal women”. The author describes how bones are used to store calcium in the body and states that if a person maintains alkalinity in their body through diet and drinking alkaline water that bone loss caused by calcium depletion may be prevented. The article goes on to state that researchers have found that a low-acid diet (alkaline diet) “may lead to stronger bones”.

The Mayo Clinic and alkaline water

The Mayo Clinic answers questions from the general public about health on its website at On the site, Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky tackles the question: “Is alkaline water better for you than plain water?” Zeratsky briefly outlines the some of the health benefits attributed to alkaline water. She takes no position on any of the claims because not enough research has been done.     Even though Zeratsky states that plain water is “fine for most people”, she also points out that research indicates that alkaline water may slow bone loss. Zeratsky states that further study is needed in order to learn if the positive effects of alkalinity can be “maintained over the long term.”

Why aren’t health experts sure?

The medical establishment performs a critical role in protecting public health. Any new device or medicine must be demonstrated effective through extremely rigorous clinical trials which can take decades to complete. Large pharmaceutical companies can afford to spend the billions of dollars that it takes to conduct these clinical trials, where much smaller water ionizer makers cannot afford to. By way of comparison, the annual revenues of any one of the large pharmaceutical companies easily exceeds the annual revenues of the entire water ionizer industry combined!

While the writers of both of the articles discussed above mentioned that there are studies which support the use of alkaline water to slow bone loss, neither author is willing to say that it does for sure. Each writer points to the need for long-term studies of alkaline water’s ability to prevent bone loss. Unfortunately, “long term studies” take decades and cost billions. No ionizer company, no matter how much it believes in its products, can afford to conduct the studies that the medical establishment demands.

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  • Mike says:

    Alkaline Water. Some people are afraid of the truth and others don’t want you to know the truth. It’s a lot like our government. The more that they are afraid of what you have to say the more they try to tear you down. While the water is not the ware all be all medical cure, it is a step in the right direction of cleansing the body so that it can do it’s job of healing it’s self.
    The realistic fact is that people need to recognize the truth about Alkaline Water and all the benefits it will give you. We need to get the word out about Alkaline Water. The AMA and the Big Drug Companies do not want you to know the water really does work. They would be out of business if we all were healthy and did not need them any longer. The water really works. It cleanses the body of contaminants that we put it by everyday living, floods your body with antioxidants that lets the body do its job of healing itself, and restores your natural wellness. For instance, this is how antioxidant are measured, the more negitive -mV the higher antioxidant level. Tap Water has positive +400 to +500mV, Wheat-Grass Juice has an negative O.R.P. (antioxidant) of -120mV. Which is good. Real fresh squeezed Orange Juice has a negative O.R.P. of -250mV. Which is better. The LIFE 7600 Ionizers TM can get over -800mV. in one glass. This is as close as we can ever hope to get to a Fountain of Youth. In addition, irrespective what Machine you buy, the alkaline water is going to help you feel better. Check it out for yourself and you make the call. Do You Want To Feel Good for a Change?

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