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Alkaline Water Science – Why Skeptics are Wrong

Alkaline water ionizer pH test results infographic

Skeptic Stephen Lower claims water ionizers can’t produce a significant effect on tap water. Our testing proves he’s wrong

Alkaline water skeptics often try to deny the that water ionizers make water alkaline by quoting retired chemist Stephen Lower who claims that: “If the water is pure enough to be potable, the amount of electrolysis that actually occurs is too small to be significant”.

A simple test of a water ionizer proves that Stephen Lower is wrong: you can measure the effect that water ionizers have on potable water with test strips, and see for yourself.

The chart on the right shows the effect on water pH that a Life Ionizer has.  Stephen Lower is wrong, the change in potable water pH produced by the electrodialytic process used by Life Alkaline Water Ionizers is significant.

The test that proves alkaline water ionizer skeptics are wrong

High quality water ionizers can raise or lower the pH of tap water by a pH of 2 or more. Keep in mind, a change in pH of 2 is a significant change in pH because the pH scale is logarithmic. This means a 2 pH increase is a 100 times increase in alkalinity!

To prove alkaline water skeptics wrong, we tested the pH of the alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer 10 times, and compared it to the pH of the source water. Carlsbad city tap water tested at a pH of 8.27. The average pH of the alkaline water made by the Life Ionizer was 10.80. This means that the Life Ionizer increased the water’s pH by an average 2.53 pH! This means that the Life Ionizer produced a 530 fold increase in water pH over the pH level of Carlsbad City tap water.

Life Alkaline Water Ionizers proven to raise water pH significantly

To any scientist, an increase in pH of 2.53 is significant; it is a very large increase in pH. We tested the ionizer 10 times to get an average for the increase in water pH which proves that our results are not a fluke.  Our test has proves that Stephen Lower is wrong because it showed a significant increase in average water pH caused by the ionizer’s electrodialytic process. Lower’s claim that a water ionizer can’t have a significant effect on potable water is refuted

Electrodialysis: Why Stephen Lower is wrong about water ionizers

The testing described in this article proves that Stephen Lower is wrong, but leaves an important question unanswered: Why is Stephen Lower wrong?

Stephen Lower is wrong because he does not know how water ionizers actually work! He claims that water ionizers use electrolysis, but this is not accurate. Water ionizers actually use a process called electrodialysis to ionize tap water, not electrolysis!

The difference between electrodialysis and electrolysis is that electrodialysis uses an ion-permeable membrane to separate the charged plates of the ionization chamber. This means that in a water ionizer, the anode and cathode plates are in separate compartments. Because of this, the alkaline water made by a water ionizer is made in a separate compartment from the acidic water.

In electrolysis, the anode and cathode plates are in the same chamber. In simple electrolysis, the alkaline water (made at the cathode plate) and the acidic water (made at the anode plate) are not separated. Because they are not separated, the two waters would simply recombine. Stephen Lower’s failure to consider the effect of the ion-permeable membrane is why he is wrong about the effect of water ionizers on potable water.

Want further proof of the ability of a water ionizer to make healthy alkaline water? Call our water ionizer experts today at 877-959-7977.

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