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Skeptics and kangen representatives often fail to notice that their own pants are on fire

The effect of alkaline water on health has been a hotly debated topic ever since it was introduced to the US. On one side are the countless testimonies of people who claim that drinking alkaline water caused improvements in their health. On the other side are the skeptics who claim that it doesn’t. The truth about the alkaline water scam actually lies somewhere in the middle.

Lies about alkaline water told by skeptics

“Ionized” and “Alkaline” Water

Skepticism sells, online and on TV, so it’s no surprise that self-proclaimed skeptics have sought to burnish their credentials by attempting to “debunk” alkaline water. One of the most absurd claims is that there is no such thing as ionized or alkaline water.

The Facts: All water (except pure water) is ionized to some extent. Water in nature has ions which come from the minerals in it. De-ionized water is water that has had all minerals removed from it. There are only kinds of water that are not ionized: Distilled water and reverse osmosis water. De-ionized water is never found in nature!

Any water that has a pH of greater than 7 is alkaline water. If you have hard water, your water will have a pH of greater than 7, so it is alkaline water. Alkaline water is for real, and it is actually the most common form of water on Earth!

Alkaline water neutralized by stomach acid?

Some skeptics get even sillier. On one hand, they deny alkaline ionized water exists. While on the other hand, they claim that alkaline water is neutralized by stomach acid!

The Facts:  Clinical testing reveals that alkaline water raises the pH of the stomach for up to a half hour. Urine pH testing shows that alkaline water also raises the pH of your urine. Clearly, alkaline water isn’t entirely neutralized by stomach acid if it raises the pH of your urine!


Lies told by MLM Water Ionizer salespeople

No article on the lies told about alkaline water would be complete without mentioning Multi-level marketing scams. MLM reps make disease cure claims that give  alkaline ionized water a bad reputation. Those claims are also in violation of FDA rules and regulations. Fraudulent claims are sometimes made in an attempt to justify high-priced  water ionizers.  Many water ionizer owners will attest to gaining their health back  by drinking alkaline ionized water. But those testimonials don’t constitute the kind of evidence you need to make disease cure claims.

Editor’s note: We truly wish MLM sales reps would be more responsible. Their claims hurt people who are working to make a difference in public health.

Ionways®, the company that sells Jupiter water ionizers sells though MLM. But unlike Enagic®, their prices are in line with most water ionizers sold through conventional means.  Ionways does make some claims however that just aren’t true.

A common MLM scam is fake news reports that promote certain brands of alkaline water as curing diseases or other claims.  The most common fake claims that we could find were about Kangen Water®. You can find many of these fake news reports on YouTube.

Most noteworthy: Claims that Kangen water cures disease go against FDA rules and regulations. You will find many fake Kangen Water ads that look like real news reports on YouTube. But they aren’t associated with Enagic (whose ionizers make Kangen brand water). 

Don’t be fooled.



The FACTS about alkaline ionized water

Alkaline water is good for you because it contains easily absorbable  calcium and magnesium. Four out of 5 Americans are mineral deficient so they need to get more calcium and magnesium for good health. Calcium and magnesium are absorbed 30% easier and faster from water than they are from food.

Especially relevant is that mineral deficiency is a factor in many health problems. Obesity, heart problems, high cholesterol, weak bones, and many others. Drink alkaline ionized water to help your body get more calcium and magnesium. If you are mineral deficient, you can improve your health by improving your intake of minerals. Most noteworthy is that the improvement in nutrition is probably responsible for the improvements in health you’ll experience.

Finally: Your doctor can determine if you are mineral deficient. So you should talk to your doctor before starting alkaline water or any other health intervention.

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