Alkaline Water & Lemon Juice, Better Together!

Lemon juice and alkaline water together have greater potential health benefits than either does alone. Both supply alkalinity, and when mixed together, alkaline water enhances the antioxidant activity of the vitamin C in the lemon juice. Alkaline water will also help to neutralize some of the acidity in lemon juice.

Why lemon juice alkalizes your body

benefits of alkaline water and lemon juice infographic

Alkaline water and lemon juice – better together

Lemon juice has an acidic pH of about 2.3, but it has a high alkaline mineral content. When lemon juice is metabolized, it releases alkaline minerals that contribute to the body’s alkaline buffer. Alkaline water will buffer some of that acidity because it supplies alkaline mineral hydrates.

Why alkaline water and lemon juice have antioxidant potential

Superoxide radical: Lemon juice gets it’s antioxidant benefit from ascorbic acid which is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant because it breaks down the Superoxide Radical down into hydrogen Peroxide and water in a process called . Superoxide is a pair of Oxygen atoms that have bonded together that has an unpaired electron. Electrons be present in pairs or groups of 4 for a substance to be stable. Because superoxide has an unpaired electron, it will grab an extra electron from DNA and cells to pair that electron up with. Vitamin C will break down the superoxide, but this process still leaves hydrogen peroxide, which also damages tissue.

Hydrogen peroxide is two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. The mineral hydrates in alkaline water consist of an alkaline mineral cation, and a hydroxyl anion. The Hydroxyl anion is a single hydrogen atom combined with a single oxygen atom. The hydroxyl anion is able to break hydrogen peroxide down into water by accepting hydrogen peroxide’s excess oxygen atom. This means that alkaline water in effect finishes the job that vitamin C starts!

How to make  alkalizing antioxidant alkaline lemon juice

Use level 4 alkaline water from a water ionizer.  A Life Ionizer provides the added benefits of filtering your water through our Vitamin C Ceramic Block® filter, which helps improve the antioxidant quality of your water. The high pH of the alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer helps neutralize more acidity from the lemons than weaker machines like the Kangen water® machine.

Put about a teaspoon of lemon juice in 16 oz. of alkaline water, and then sweeten to taste with Stevia. Avoid sweetening with artificial sweeteners or with sugar, all of these are acid-formers which will defeat the purpose of this alkalizing drink.

You should drink the alkaline water and lemon juice right away. The antioxidant potential of any beverage – including Orange Juice and infant formula – declines very quickly!

Give your body the healthy alkalinity it needs! Call us today at 877-959-7977 to find out more ways an alkaline water ionizer can help you take charge of your health.

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