Alkaline water ionizers vs. Alkaline water filters

Alkaline water ionizers and alkaline water filters both make healthy water, but they do so in different ways. Water ionizers make water alkaline by changing the mineral carbonates in tap water into nutritious mineral hydrates. Alkaline water filters make water alkaline by adding some mineral hydrates to it. Water ionizers produce alkaline water with more mineral hydrates in it than alkaline water filters do, and it is those mineral hydrates that make the water healthy and refreshing.

Why water ionizers make better alkaline water

why water ionizers make the best alkaline water infographic

An alkaline water filter can’t offer these same benefits

Alkaline water from a water ionizer is better than plain water because of the mineral hydrates in it. It is the mineral hydrates that are responsible for the water’s sweet, refreshing taste and healthy, hydrating qualities.

Water ionizers are better than alkaline filters because they make water that is nearly pure in alkaline mineral hydrates, which is just like the water from protected mountain springs. Alkaline water filters add mineral hydrates to tap water, so you get water with a mix of mineral carbonates from tap water, and mineral hydrates. It’s better than tap water, but not as pure, healthy, or refreshing as the water from a home water ionizer.

Water ionizers a clear choice for hard water

If you have hard water, a water ionizer is your best choice. A water ionizer will make your water taste great, sweeter and more refreshing than any water you’ve ever tasted. An alkaline water filter won’t work as well because hard water won’t absorb that much mineral hydrate from the filter. Hard water is already saturated with minerals, so it can’t absorb much more!

Advantages of an alkaline water ionizer over alkaline water filters

There are advantages to owning a water ionizer over an alkaline filter. You get an endless source of alkaline water from a water ionizer. Alkaline filters run out of alkaline fast, especially if you have a family. If you use an alkaline water filter for much more than a few glasses of water per day, you end up constantly changing the filter.

A water ionizer purifies water better than an alkaline filter. This is because the filters in a water ionizer only have to do one thing, filter your water. The filter in an alkaline water filter has to do two things: filter water and add alkaline minerals to it. Because of this, the filters in an alkaline water filter are limited. Alkaline filters are fine for travel or other situations where you are away from your water ionizer.

An alkaline water ionizer is a smart investment; once you taste the water you’re going to want more than just a few glasses of water per day, the water that good. Water ionizer owners quickly discover that cooking with alkaline water makes food taste better, so you will want enough to cook with. You will save money with a home water ionizer, and never run out of sweet, refreshing alkaline water.

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