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4 Surprising Benefits of Alkaline Water

alkaline water benefits

You get these benefits from simply drinking a glass of water!

Studies suggest that some of the most important benefits of alkaline water are maintaining a healthy digestive tract and healthy bones. But there are other benefits you may never have heard of that can play an important role in your health as well.

Your body is under constant assault from toxic acids. Some acids, such as Trans Fatty Acids, are associated with high blood pressure and heart problems. Drinking alkaline water has been shown to lower levels of harmful cholesterols like trans-fatty acids and Very Low Density Lipoproteins (V-LDL)

Modern diet, stress, and other factors can cause the blood pH to become too acidic.  The body will re-adjust the blood pH. But it robs your bones of calcium to do so. Alkaline water has been shown to reduce calcium loss. You can be deficient in calcium even if you get enough calcium in your diet! This is because calcium can be hard to absorb from food.

Benefits of alkaline water

Supplies essential minerals: The electrodialysis process used by ionizers concentrates healthy minerals like calcium in alkaline water. Studies show that calcium is 30% easier to absorb from water than it is from food. Magnesium and other minerals are also easier to absorb. The World Health Organization recommends getting 10 – 20% of your daily needs for essential minerals from drinking water.

Digestive Health: Clinical trials of alkaline water conducted in Japan showed that alkaline water raised the pH of the stomach by .5 – 1 pH. The pH increase remained for about a half hour.

Double-blind clinical trials of alkaline water for digestive upset were conducted in Japan. They revealed that alkaline water brought relief for 88% of patients in the study. Because of this, doctors in Japan now prescribe alkaline water for relief of mild digestive upset.

Bone Health: Some of the strongest studies on the health benefits of alkaline water show a link between alkaline water and bone health. The long term effect of alkaline water on bone health hasn’t yet been confirmed by research. However, it is known that alkaline water is a lot safer than drugs people take for bone health!

The FDA now warns that drugs commonly taken for bone health can have harmful long term side effects. One of those side effects is jaw necrosis – death of the jawbone! These drugs should be used for no longer than 5 years according to the FDA. For people seeking to maintain bone health, alkaline water offers a safer way to go.

Antioxidant Effect: In-Vitro (in a lab) research conducted in Japan shows that alkaline water combined with a proton donor such as Vitamin C becomes an antioxidant that is more potent than Vitamin C alone.

The study stated that you must combine alkaline water with a proton donor such as Vitamin C to get an antioxidant benefit.

Why you need a water ionizer to get alkaline water

Home water ionizers make better alkaline water because of the process they use to make it: Electrodialysis converts the minerals compounds found in tap water into mineral hydroxides. Hydroxide minerals lower the surface tension of water which makes it easier to absorb

A water ionizer gives alkaline water antioxidant potential by charging the water with electrical power. That potential is called Oxidation Reduction Potential (-ORP). It is a negative electrical charge. For example, the Life Ionizers MXL-9 can charge alkaline water with over -800 mV (millivolts) of antioxidant potential!

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