Do alkaline water filter pitchers really work?

Alkaline water filter pitchers like this work great as long as there isn’t too much mineral content in your tap water

Alkaline water filter pitchers work great if your water has low mineral content. If you have hard water, an alkaline water filter pitcher may not alkalize your water very well because hard water already contains a lot of alkaline minerals! For homes with hard water, an alkaline water ionizer is best.

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How Alkaline Water Filter Pitchers Work

Alkaline filter pitchers do two things to tap water. First, the water is filtered to reduce chlorine and other toxins that may be present in your tap water. Second, an alkaline filter pitcher will add some alkaline mineral hydrates to the water. The amount of mineral hydrates an alkaline filter will add to your water depends on how much mineral content is already in your water. If you have hard water, an alkaline filter won’t be able to add that much mineral hydrates, because hard water already has a lot of minerals in it. Water can only absorb so much mineral content before it reaches its saturation point.

Why Water Ionizers are best for hard water

Water ionizers are the best choice for hard water, they make better alkaline water.

Water ionizers convert the mineral carbonates in tap water into mineral hydrates. If you have hard water, it has a high amount of mineral carbonates in it. A water ionizer is best for your hard water because it doesn’t have to add anything to water; it simply converts the minerals already in your water into mineral hydrates.

Mineral Hydrates make alkaline water healthy

Whether you get alkaline water from a filter pitcher or a water ionizer, it is the mineral hydrates in alkaline water that make it good for you. Mineral hydrates have higher alkalinity than mineral carbonates, that’s why alkaline water can neutralize acid and plain water can’t. Several studies have shown that alkaline water with mineral hydrates also hydrates your body better.

The mineral hydrates in alkaline water are also responsible for making alkaline water taste better than regular water. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes sweeter and more refreshing than regular water. Alkaline water from a filter pitcher will taste better too, as long as the water used to fill the pitcher wasn’t too full of mineral carbonates (hard water).

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