Alkaline Water Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions

Alkaline Water Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions by Life Water ionizers

It can be tough to get the facts about alkaline water when there are many myths, misconceptions, and outright lies circulating around the internet. Many of these false statements are made by self-proclaimed “experts” seeking to sell you a different product.  There may others who want to discredit alkaline water because they are against any alternative approach to health that is not a prescription drug or surgery.

Alkaline Water Facts, Myths, and Misconceptions
Alkaline water is misunderstood by both advocates and critics – That makes it hard to get the facts

There are just as many falsehoods about alkaline water that are promoted by uneducated salespeople trying to sell water ionizers. This article looks at the most common false claims made by both biased critics and misinformed  salespeople. Each claim is followed by the facts you should know before making up your mind about ionized alkaline mineral water.

Misconception: Water ionizers don’t work because pure water can’t be ionized.

Fact: This statement is misleading because tap water isn’t pure water. To make pure water, you must distill it, or filter it with reverse osmosis. Tap water contains minerals which conduct electricity, allowing ionization to occur. So your ionizer can generate ionized alkaline mineral water, with great health benefits, from normal tap water.

Myth: Alkaline water is “micro-clustered” which makes it easier to absorb.

Fact: There is no such thing as “micro-clustered” water. The theory of Hydrogen Bonding suggests that water molecules may cluster for a few trillionths of a second, but then break up. The hydrogen bonding theory covers all water, not just alkaline water.

Why alkaline ionized water hydrates better: Nobel Prize winning research on cellular hydration shows that aquaporins – tiny channels in the cell wall – are the primary way that water moves into cells. The aquaporin responsible for cellular hydration AQP-3, is controlled by pH. It opens to allow water with an alkaline pH to pass through, it closes if water has an acidic pH. Because alkaline water has the right pH, it’s absorbed a lot faster than regular water.

Misconception: The term “ionized water” is meaningless to chemists.

Fact: Chemists recognize the existence of Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW) and Electrolyzed Oxidative Water (EOW). Chemists refer to the process used by water ionizers to make ERW and EOW waters as two chamber membrane electrodialysis.

Electrolyzed Reduced Water is Ionized alkaline  mineral water, and there are over 40 studies that show  health benefits

Lie: There are no studies that support medical uses for alkaline water.

Fact: There are plenty of studies on the medical uses of alkaline water: Some of the most promising studies show a link between alkaline water and bone health. Several promising studies show that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. There are many studies that show a wide range of potential health benefits from drinking alkaline water.

Myth: Kangen water (a brand name for alkaline water) can cure diseases

Fact: Alkaline water supports good health, it’s not a drug. The reason people with illnesses drink alkaline water is that it gives them relief from some of the symptoms of their illness. Kangen water is just a brand name for alkaline water, it’s simply alkaline water by another name. Beating health problems often requires additional steps, such as switching to a healthy alkaline diet, breathing properly, stress reduction, and other health improving approaches.

For example, people with arthritis often find that the pain and inflammation in their joints is reduced when they drink alkaline water. They still have arthritis, but it doesn’t hurt as much. The same goes for many other health problems.

Misconception: Alkaline water is oxygenated water that can supply oxygen to your body

Fact: Alkaline water is rich in hydrogen, not oxygen. Drinking water can’t supply your body with oxygen, because oxygen isn’t absorbed by your intestines, it can only be absorbed by your lungs.

Benefits of hydrogen: Hydrogen in water has been shown in studies to have an antioxidant effect. Lab research suggests that hydrogen-rich alkaline water can protect tissues and DNA from the oxidation that causes premature aging and contributes to disease.

Amazing and true! Alkaline water can help your body absorb oxygen – by raising your blood’s pH level. If your body is in a state of respiratory acidosis – when your blood pH is too low for your blood’s hemoglobin to release CO2, and absorb oxygen in the lungs – alkaline water can raise your blood pH by 40 – 70% within the normal pH range for blood, which is 7.35 – 7.45.

Lie: Alkaline water machines don’t have any effect on water.

Fact: Alkaline water machines split the mineral bicarbonate compounds into alkaline mineral ions, and acidic carbonate ions. After being separated, both are discharged through separate outlets. That’s why a water ionizer has two outlets: One alkaline, and one acidic. You can easily prove that an alkaline water machine changes the pH of the water it treats by testing it with pH strips. The alkaline water will have a higher pH than the source water used by the machine, the acidic water will have a lower pH.

Misconception: Acidity in the stomach neutralizes alkaline water.

Fact: When you drink water on an empty stomach, the stomach does not secrete any digestive acids. Water passes straight through the stomach, and into the intestines where it is absorbed.

Proof: You can test your urine pH after drinking alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water will raise the pH of your urine. Obviously, it couldn’t do that if stomach acidity neutralized its alkalinity

Lie: Water ionizers do not filter the water they produce.

Fact: All commercially available home water ionizers come with at least one filter, most have multiple filters. Ionizers require filtration to prevent hard water build-up from destroying their ionization chambers.

Life Ionizers does even more to protect you from toxins: Life water ionizers come with a free custom filtration system that targets the contaminants found in your water, based on our analysis of your annual local water quality report to the EPA.  With this customized, advanced filtration, your water is purified and then your Life Ionizer converts this water into ionized alkaline mineral water with all of its great, healthy benefits.

Fact: Alkaline water tastes better than regular water

Its true! Alkaline water is slightly sweeter, and feels a lot more refreshing when you drink it. This fact has been confirmed by blind-taste testing.

What drinking alkaline water can do for you

Alkaline water is becoming very popular for good reasons. People with health challenges are finding that drinking alkaline water makes their health challenges easier to live with. Wouldn’t you prefer actual relief from suffering rather than a pill that merely covers it up? Athletes benefit from drinking alkaline water too: It improves their hydration status, and helps reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles. Life Ionizer Pros like Derrick Lee and Shawne Merriman drink alkaline water to get the edge that keeps them on top of their game. It can help keep you on top of your game too, and help you regain control of your health.

Call us at 844 419-2840 to learn more about how alkaline water could help you, or click here to get the our free guide on the benefits of alkaline water


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