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Energize your Body with Alkaline Water

Can a glass of water really give you more energy? If you are dehydrated (as many people are) the answer is yes. Your body defends itself against the crippling effects of dehydration by slowing it’s metabolism down. By reducing it’s metabolic rate, your body conserves it’s precious, diminishing supply of water. Studies show that with as little as 2% dehydration, athletic performance suffers, the body simply slows down. The good news is, alkaline water hydrates better than plain water because it is easier to absorb.

Feeling tired? It might be chronic dehydration

alkaline water far energy infographic

Alkaline water beats the 2’Oclock crash

You are chronically dehydrated when you don’t maintain your hydration levels on a daily basis. This happens a lot when you substitute beverages like soda for water. It also happens a lot when you consume a diuretic (such as coffee) that causes you to discharge water in your urine and you don’t replace it. Salt is also a major contributor to dehydration, it causes water to be retained in your cells, which deprives the interstitial fluids – fluids between your cells – of water. You need adequate interstitial hydration for energy. It is the interstitial fluids that bring nutrients to your cells so they can make energy.

Two ways alkaline water enhances hydration

Osmosis: Your cells absorb water in two ways: First, through osmosis; the tendency of water to move through the walls of cells to equalize the concentration of solutes (dissolved solids) inside of and outside of cells. The ability of water to penetrate a cell wall is determined by the water’s surface tension. Surface tension is determined by the amount of energy it takes to break through the surface of the water. Alkaline water has lower surface tension than regular water. This fact can be proven with a simple science experiment called The Penny Test.

Aquaporins: The cells in your body also have tiny channels that water can pass through called aquaporins. These tiny aquaporin channels are amazing; they can pass one billion molecules of water into or out of a cell every second!

The primary aquaporin in your intestines is called aquaporin 3 (AQP 3) it is controlled (or gated) by pH. Water with an alkaline pH is readily allowed to pass by AQP 3. If water is acidic, the AQP 3 won’t allow it to pass.

What does the energy from alkaline water feel like?

Energy from alkaline water feels natural because it is! Unlike stimulants that trick your body into feeling energetic, alkaline water simply provides healthy hydration, and your body takes care of the rest. Natural energy is superior to stimulants because there is no “crash” afterwards.

The benefit of energizing with alkaline water is most obvious during those times when you are most likely to feel tired, such as the two O’clock crash. That used to happen to me, I nearly got fired several times for nodding off at my desk! Now, ever since I’ve been drinking alkaline water, I power through my day, feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Far from feeling tired at the end of my workday, I look forward to my 12 mile bike ride home from Life Ionizers Corporate Offices!

Ready to kiss your 2 O’clock crash goodbye? Call us today at 877-959-7977, and stop snoozing, start living!

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