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5 Ways Alkaline Water helps you lose Weight

Alkaline Water, Diet, and Exercise work Together.

5 ways alkaline water helps you lose weight infographic

Better hydration is a natural way to reach your healthy weight

Many people turn to diet and exercise when trying to lose weight. But they often find themselves frustrated when the weight doesn’t come off. Research shows that frustrated dieters may be missing a third piece of the healthy weight loss puzzle – hydration. Much of the research on hydration suggests that healthy weight loss occurs with the right combination of diet, exercise and hydration.

How Alkaline Water Helps you lose Weight

Here are five ways that alkaline water can help you lose weight:

1)     Water Revs up your metabolism – Even better, if you drink it cold, your body will burn extra calories to warm it up.

2)     Helps you feel full – Drink a glass of water ½ hour before meals to feel fuller before eating. Also hydrating before you eat will supply the body the necessary water to produce digestive juices.

3)     Boosts your energy – Dehydration makes you feel fatigued. You only have to lose 1% of your body’s water to become dehydrated. Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. It is readily absorbed in the intestines. Research performed using professional cyclists as subjects proves that alkaline water helps you rehydrate faster after working out.

4)     Improves muscle function – A properly hydrated body will use water to lubricate its joints. Dehydration will result in increased wear and tear on the joints. Drinking enough water also helps prevent muscle cramping while you exercise. When you exercise, proper hydration must be at the top of your list if you want to keep your endurance up.

Alkalinity in the body helps resist lactic acid build up in the muscles. This is why athletes will alkalize themselves before working out. The longer you can resist lactic acid build-up in the muscles, the longer you can effectively burn calories.

How much water do you need to drink to lose weight when you work out? Click here to use the water weight loss calculator at Fitnessjockey!

5)      Improves digestive health – Dehydration leaves the colon dry and is the number one cause of constipation! Alkaline water has a positive link to digestive health. It helps maintain colon health by keeping it lubricated. Also, it supports the beneficial bacteria that live in the digestive tract.

How to get Alkaline Water

The best way to get alkaline water is to use a home ionizer. There are three reasons why alkaline water made by a water ionizer is superior to alkaline water made by any other method because:

1)     Proper filtration – toxins in water can “un-do” alkaline water’s health benefits

2)     Naturally alkaline – Adding chemicals (or using fancy “sticks”) makes “synthetic” or treated water

3)     Water pH and ORP levels can be controlled for optimum health benefit

Life Ionizers™ takes filtration seriously. This is why all of our ionizers come with a free pre-filter. Chlorine is one chemical that can “un-do” the health benefits of drinking water – even in small amounts! Life uses our (patent pending) Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration® to achieve the highest chlorine reduction possible. Life Ionizers™ also make alkaline water without the use of added chemicals. The goal of improved hydration is to add water – not chemicals – to your body. Life’s flagship MXL series water ionizers can produce alkaline water with pH levels over 11. Antioxidant Reduction Potential (ORP) of over -900 mV! In conclusion, for daily use, it is best to drink alkaline water in a pH range of 8.5 – 10. Life Ionizers™ provides an adjustable SMPS power system so you can tailor your alkaline water to your weight loss regimen.

Start your healthy weight loss program today. Drink up, and get ready for the slimmer new you!

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 Has the FDA evaluated alkaline water for weight loss?

No. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The preceding information and/or products are for educational purposes only. This information is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. Please consult your doctor before making any changes or before starting ANY exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using this information or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.


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