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Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Ask Us About How You Can Benefit
From The Water You Drink Today !

Actress loses 20 LBs in 10 days with alkaline water, diet

Actress loses 20 LBs in 10 days with alkaline water, diet by Life Ionizers

Everybody wants to know what Hollywood’s “secret” is when it comes to losing weight fast. A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals how actress Rosamund Pike, for the film Gone Girl had to gain 20 pounds, and then lose it in ten days. She lost the weight by eating the Paleo diet – good fats, foods rich in Omega 3 like fish and other proteins, and drinking lots of alkaline water. Why was alkaline water included in her diet? Because the Paleo diet includes acid-forming foods like meat. The alkalinity provided by alkaline water is necessary to counteract the acidity of acid-forming foods for healthy weight loss.

Actress loses 20 LBs in 10 days with alkaline water, diet

Alkaline water is an important part of any rapid weight loss plan

Alkaline water becoming popular among celebrities

Beyonce Knowles won’t go on tour without it. Weight loss guru Jillian Michaels makes it a part of her diet and workout routine every day. Many professional athletes also drink it, and the Pros choose Life. Dave Stewart, Barry Zito, Derek Lee, and Damien Jackson are among baseball’s superstars that own and recommend Life water Ionizers for alkaline water that really performs.

Why is alkaline water becoming so popular? The simple reason given by the stars, Pros, Doctors and healthy people that drink it is – it works. Unlike most fad diets and pills, alkaline water has over 40 studies that show that it helps:

  • Reduce body weight
  • Improve hydration status
  • Support healthy blood pH
  • Maintain bone density
  • Flush toxins

Alkaline water, healthy diet, and exercise have been used over and over again by celebrities, athletes, and everyday people to lose weight and keep it off. Alkaline water works especially well with acidic weight loss diets such as the Atkins diet. Drinking it provides these benefits if you choose to use an acid-forming diet to lose weight:

  • Buffer acidity – Helps keep your system balanced
  • Maintain hydration – Important for keeping your metabolism going
  • Flush wastes – Weight loss produces metabolic waste that the body needs to get rid of

The main advantage alkaline water has over supplements for weight loss is that you keep drinking it. The benefits of supplements wear off after you stop taking them. The same goes for highly restrictive diets, you start losing the benefits as soon as you go off the diet. Owning a water ionizer makes a great deal of sense for losing weight and keeping it off. We all need to drink water, why not drink water that can help you manage your weight?

How Rosamund Pike lost 20 pounds in 10 days

Rosamund had the assistance of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Holly Lawson. Holly put Rosamund on the Paleo diet. She was allowed to eat anything with proteins and good fats, tons of vegetables, but not allowed to eat any carbs at all. Rosamund also worked out, Her workout consisted entirely of plyometric exercises – resistance moves that involve jumping, using your own body weight for the resistance, plus high-intensity cardio and lots of running. She worked out every day. Some days just upper body workouts, or lower body workouts, and some days were full body workouts. The exercises she performed included burpees, mountain climbers, and lots of planks. Workout regimens like this should not be attempted without the help of a personal trainer.

Alkaline water is best for workouts as well

Alkaline water does more than just fight acidity and supports a healthy diet, it also improves workouts. Multiple studies have shown that it hydrates better than plain water and that it reduces muscular acidity that results from workouts. In fact, numerous pro athletes swear by their Life Ionizers because of the edge they get from drinking the water from their ionizers.

Another benefit for workouts is realized when you mix alkaline water with a powdered electrolyte such as Gatorade. The combination of alkaline water and electrolytes has been shown to substantially lower perceived effort: The amount of effort you think it takes to do a specific workout. Because it makes it feel like it takes less effort to work out at a given intensity, alkaline water can help you reach higher levels of intensity in your workouts.

It works! I use alkaline water mixed with electrolytes every day when I ride to work here at Life Ionizers. It definitely makes a huge difference! In fact, I was able to cut about 3 minutes off my time to work after discovering how to mix alkaline water with powdered electrolytes.

Can alkaline water help you lose weight?

Everyone’s body is different, and because of that, results will vary. The good news is that more and more people are successfully overcoming health challenges every day by choosing a healthy diet, alkaline water, and exercise. Best yet, you don’t have to be a Hollywood star to get the benefits of alkaline water. Life Ionizers can put a water ionizer in your home for less than you may be paying for bottled water, right now.

Get the facts. Lose weight. Call us today at 844 506-3210 and put the power of alkaline water to work on your toughest challenges



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