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Why is alkaline in water good for you?

The alkaline in water comes from essential minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium. If you are like 4 in 5 Americans, your body is mineral deficient. The World Health Organization recommends that you get up to 30% of your daily needs for calcium from water. So alkaline in water is good for you because water because water is actually the best source of calcium and magnesium.

alkaline in water infographic

Mineral Deficiency is a matter of life or death. Will it claim your life?

Mineral deficiency is a factor in many health problems such as heart trouble, high blood pressure, bone loss, and even weight gain. By drinking water with alkaline minerals in it, you can help your body get more calcium and magnesium. If a mineral deficient body gets the minerals it needs, it can heal itself of many health problems.

Alkaline minerals in hard water

Hard water is usually alkaline because it contains large amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium carbonate salts. The alkaline minerals in hard water are good for you, but you should filter your tap water for toxins before drinking it. When filtered of toxins, hard water becomes a healthy drink, but most people don’t want to drink it because it tastes chalky and bitter. What is ironic about this is, people buy bottled water with low mineral content because it tastes better than their tap water, but tap water is actually better for you!

Water Ionizers make the alkaline in water better

A water ionizer converts the bad-tasting mineral carbonates in hard water into mineral hydrates. Alkaline water gets its healthy benefits from mineral hydrates, and it tastes great. Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes slightly sweeter and more refreshing than any water you’re drinking right now.

Life Ionizers Guarantees: We will make your water the best-tasting water you ever drank.

Water ionizers filter the toxins like chlorine from your tap water, but retain the healthy minerals that you should be getting every day from the water you drink.. Buying a water ionizer is far cheaper than buying bottled water, and you never run out.

Better tasting water can help you improve your hydration simply by making you want to drink more water. Many Life Ionizer owners tell us they end up preferring the taste of their alkaline water to unhealthy beverages like soda.

Imagine how easy better health would be if the best-tasting beverage you reached for every day was also the healthiest! Call us today at 877-959-7977 we’ll put the alkaline in your water, and make owning your very own fountain of youth easy!

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