Does Alkaline Drinking Water Affect the Body?

Yes. Alkaline drinking water has been shown to raise both blood and urine PH in clinical testing. Water with an alkaline pH is also highly absorb-able because of tiny channels in the walls of cells in the body called aquaporins. One aquaporin in particular, AQP3 is controlled by pH. It opens to water with an alkaline pH, and closes to water with an acidic pH.

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All these effects that alkaline drinking water has on the body have been documented in studies

Did you know? The research  that discovered aquaporins revolutionized medical sciences understanding of human hydration at the cellular level. A Nobel prize was awarded in 2003 for the discovery of aquaporins.

Hydration benefit shown in studies

Two clinical studies conducted at Montana State University confirm that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water. In the studies , researchers had cyclists perform a dehydrating bout of cycling. Then researchers had the cyclists re-hydrate with alkaline water. On a later date, they performed the same dehydrating bout of cycling and then rehydrated with plain water. In both studies, alkaline water rehydrated the cyclists about 13% better than plain water did.

Alkaline drinking water best for your heart

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries.” That’s a direct quote from the largest study ever conducted on the influence of hard (alkaline) water on the heart. The study, called Hard Water and the Heart, the Story Revisited reviewed 3 decades of research the examined the link between rates of heart disease, and the type of water people were drinking. The study found that people who drank soft or softened water had higher rates of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and strokes than people who drank hard water. The best protection was found to come from water that was the most alkaline (Gumashta, J, R Gumashta, 2013).

Potential benefits of alkaline drinking water for acid reflux

Drinking alkaline water may be of particular benefit to people with acid reflux. A 2013 study on the effect of alkaline water on hydrochloric acid and pepsin (a stomach enzyme) found that alkaline water inactivates pepsin, and neutralizes hydrochloric acid. In the stomachs of acid reflux sufferers, pepsin is what triggers the hydrochloric acid that does the damage. Because of this, alkaline water has been proposed as a way for people with acid reflux to control their symptoms (Koufman, J, and Johnsten, N 2013).

Drinking your way to detoxification

A small clinical study on new alkaline water drinkers showed that the  test subjects expelled higher levels of 10 different heavy metals when they started drinking alkaline water, as compared to before they started drinking alkaline water.

Drinking alkaline water also helps the kidneys discharge fluoride. When the urine has an acidic pH of 5.5, the kidneys only discharge about 5% of the fluoride that passes through them. Raise the urine pH to 7.6 by drinking alkaline water, and the discharge rate goes up to 65% (Abraham, G, and  Flebas, J 2013).

Alkaline drinking water may help with weight loss

Another body change drinking alkaline water may make is weight reduction. The same study that showed that alkaline water has benefits for heavy metal detoxification also showed that the test subjects lost weight – 12 pounds in 2 months – after they started drinking alkaline water (Abraham G, and Flebas J 2013).

Give your pH balance a lift by drinking alkaline water

A recent study showed that drinking alkaline water can raise blood pH when it is low due to a condition called metabolic acidosis. The study looked at two kinds of acidosis:

  • Exercise induced acidosis – caused by lactic acid generated in the muscles
  • Fasting acidosis – Occurs when you haven’t eaten

Drinking alkaline water caused blood pH to rise within the normal safe pH range for blood of 7.35 to 7.45 in both studies. The increase was significant. Blood pH was increased by an average of 40% in conditions of fasting acidosis. It was raised an average of 70% in conditions of exercise-induced acidosis (Ostojic, S, and Stonanovic M, 2014).

Alkaline drinking water tastes better – which helps you drink more of it

Ionized alkaline water different than plain water because it tastes better. Alkaline water is slightly sweeter, and feels a lot more refreshing when you drink it. Even this fact is confirmed by clinical research: A study called Effect of pH on the Taste of Alkaline Electrolyzed Water showed that when water was treated by a water ionizer, it tasted better (Koseki, M, Y Tanaka, and et al, 2013).

If you’re trying to drink more of water, Improving its taste will help. Water has to compete with other beverages for your attention, making it taste better makes it easier for you to reach for water instead of soda or some other drink.

The cheapest way to get all the alkaline drinking water you want

Given all of the benefits of drinking alkaline water, it’s easy to see why you would want to make your drinking water alkaline. The cheapest way to get alkaline drinking water is to buy a water ionizer. The cost of bottled alkaline water can run $2 or more per bottle. A water ionizer makes alkaline water for pennies per gallon. You can finance a water ionizer for less than 2 year’s supply of bottled alkaline water. Good quality water ionizers like Life Ionizers come with long warranties. Some even come with lifetime warranties. So you can be assured that your investment into a water ionizer will pay of with decades of alkaline water for just pennies per gallon.


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