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People in the bronze age ate differently than we do today. Before there were refrigerators and supermarkets, people ate a mostly raw, plant-based diet. Dr. Don Colbert recently appeared on the Dr. Oz show and discussed his research on a scriptural basis for a healthy diet which Dr. Colbert believes is an alkaline diet.

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Dr. Don Colbert – Recommends Life Ionizers and an alkaline diet

The Facts: People in ancient times didn’t live as long as we do today, but the levels of obesity and other diseases caused by poor diets were unheard of!

How food was different 2,000 years ago

Dr. Colbert studies scriptures for clues about what people would have eaten in the time that Jesus is thought to have existed. In those times, people ate a mostly plant-based diet. Foods that were popular in the Middle East include lentils, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dates, nuts, and fish. Amazingly, some people snacked on grasshoppers and crickets! Meats were rarely eaten because of the lack of refrigeration. Most of the food was consumed raw, and some health experts consider this to be ideal for better nutrition.

Water was different too. It was free of chemicals, and naturally alkaline water.  Today the only way to get water like that is from a home water ionizer. Bottled water just isn’t the same.

The science behind a raw, alkaline foods diet

Some scientists believe that our bodies are designed to eat a raw, alkaline diet based on our teeth. Humans have  four canine teeth, eight frontal teeth and many molars. The reason this suggests we are designed for a plant-based diet is:

    • We have four canine teeth that are designed to tear meat apart.

    • Our eight frontal teeth  known as incisors, are used to bite fruits and vegetables.

  • Most of our teeth, however, are molars. They are used to grind and crush plants and seeds.

Dr. Colbert believes that because the majority of our teeth are molars, that we are designed to eat mostly plants. Carnivores have more than 4 canine teeth, and jaws designed to bite off chunks of meat.

Another clue that suggests that we are designed to eat plants is our saliva. Human saliva is alkaline and has enzymes in it like amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates and plants. Carnivores have acidic saliva and lack amylase.

Our intestines also give us a clue as to how we should be eating according to Dr. Colbert. Your intestines are four times longer than you are tall. Carnivores have intestines about twice as long as they are tall. Shorter intestines allow meat to pass through the digestive tract quickly before it starts to rot.

A Healthy Alkaline Diet – According to Dr. Colbert

The diet Dr. Colbert recommends is similar to the Mediterranean Diet, and similar to what Dr. Colbert believes scriptures recommend:

  1. Calculate Your Breakfast Time and “Break Your Fast” Accordingly: Eat breakfast very early so you can have the energy and fuel for a full day’s work. You should be breaking your fast every morning 12 hours after your last meal the previous day. If you had you dinner at 6 p.m., you should break your fast the next morning at 6 a.m.

  1. Linger Over Lunch: Many people rush through lunch, eat at their desks at work, and wolf down their food. The key to eating better is making lunch your biggest meal and eat in as much of a relaxed atmosphere as possible.

  1. Eat a Light Dinner at 4pm: Your digestive system should not have to work on overdrive when you should be sleeping. Eat dinner as early in the evening as possible.

  1. Wine and Walk: This should not be confused with wining and dining. Wine is good for the heart. But don’t overdo it!


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