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Why Acidic Water is Good for Skin and Hair

Skin problems take many forms; dryness; oiliness; infections such as acne; flaking; and  redness. These skin problems all have a common factor: skin pH. Your skin has an acidic pH, but many of the products you are using on it such as soap, have an alkaline pH. The pH of the products you use on your skin have a profound influence on it’s pH. Even plain tap water, if it has an alkaline pH, can raise the pH of your skin for up to an hour. Your skin needs to maintain an acidic pH – which doctors call it’s acid mantle – for good health. An acidic water rinse can improve the health and appearance of your skin by maintaining it’s acid mantle.

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Skin conditions like acne are aggravated by a breakdown in the skins acid mantle

Likewise, your hair also has an acidic pH. Excessive alkalinity dries out hair, leaving it feeling like straw, and prone to tangles. If you have hard water, the water you are washing your hair with is drying it out, and no amount of conditioner will stop it. An acidic water rinse is the answer, it has an immediate and noticeable effect on your hair. After an acidic water rinse, your hair feels soft, manageable, and looks shiny. In fact, acidic water is a miracle rinse for hair.

Acidic water and skin health

Skin shows a broad pH from 4.0 to 7.0, but healthy skin will have a pH of 5.0 or less. Research has shown, that if left unwashed for 24 hours or more, skin’s pH can even drop below 5.0. The pH of your skin affects the bacteria that live on it’s surface. A pH level of 4 – 4.5 retains the resident bacteria on skin that keeps it healthy  Higher pH levels cause beneficial bacteria to be dispersed.

Acidic water acts as an astringent, tightening the surface of the skin while maintaining healthy skin oil and pH levels. Acidic water can also help wash soap and hard water residues from the surface of the skin.

Perhaps the most important benefit of acidic water for skin is that it helps maintain your skin’s acid mantle. The skin’s acid mantle acts as a barrier to infection, the low pH kills bacteria, viruses, and molds that can cause skin and other health problems. Properly hydrated skin with a healthy pH doesn’t crack or peel either, which helps prevent infection as well.

The acidic water miracle for hair

A simple acidic water rinse after shampoo and conditioner makes a huge difference. Your hair has a pH of between 3 – 3.5, even lower than your skin. An acidic rinse for your hair does two very important things:

    • Closes the follicles

  • Compacts the follicles

The surface of a hair follicle is composed of many tiny shingles that normally lay down flat. If your hair’s pH is too high, those shingles will curl, opening your hair follicle to the air. Hair in this condition is has a very dull appearance, it breaks and tangles easily. An acidic water rinse closes those tiny shingles. Hair follicles are compacted when they’re given an acidic rinse as well. The result of an acidic rinse is that your hair looks naturally shiny, manageable, and has a lot less tangles.

See for yourself! Great Hair! The author of this article has been using an acidic water rinse for hair for 3 years

Two ways to make acidic water for hair and skin care

Water Ionizer: The best way to make acidic water for hair and skin is to use a water ionizer. What makes a water ionizer best for hair and skin care is the kind of acidic water a water ionizer makes, called carbonic acid. What makes carbonic acid ideal for hair and skin is that it is a weakly-bonded acid. Strongly bonded acids can cause oxidative damage to hair and skin, but a weakly bonded acid will not. It supplies the correct pH, without stripping essential oils and nutrients from hair and skin.

Use the highest acid setting the water ionizer has, the most powerful ionizers will be able to reach a pH range of 4 – 5, which makes them an ideal choice for cosmetic acid water. The carbonic acid made by the machine is 100% safe for hair and skin  – you can’t overdo it.

Apple cider vinegar: If you don’t have a water ionizer, apple cider vinegar can make an acceptable substitute. Vinegar gets it’s acidity from acetic acid, which is a strongly bonded acid. This means that if you use vinegar in too high of a concentration, you can oxidize your hair or skin. An apple cider vinegar rinse will also cause any cuts or scrapes you have to sting.

Mix a tiny amount (½ teaspoon) of vinegar in at least 16 oz of water. Try to keep the pH of your acidic water above 4.0, so it doesn’t strip your hair or skin. You will need some means to test the pH of your acidic water rinse when you use vinegar to make it.

When to use an acidic water rinse for your hair and skin

Anytime you wash your hair or skin, its a good idea to acidify it afterwards. You can also keep acidic water in a spray bottle to use as a spritz for a quick hair or skin tune up. I recommend taking a bottle of acidic water into the shower with you, so it can absorb heat from your shower water as you bathe. Otherwise, you will find that the water feels quite cold when you rinse! Save your acidic water rinse for the very end of your shower, so that you can simply rinse yourself with it, and step out of the shower with your hair and skin at a healthy pH!

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  • Seema says:

    V informative
    Thank u for sharing

  • S K says:

    Where do you get a good water ionizer to lower the ph for water in the shower or a rinse after the shower? Ph of our tap water is too high. It is city supplied not a well. Does not rinse shampoo out well and leaves hair dry. It is not considered hard water, it is from Lake Michigan. No water softner needed.

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