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Is the Acid Alkaline Theory of Disease Nonsense?

In an article called The Acid Alkaline Theory of Disease Nonsense  Dr. Gabe Mirkin MD claims that the acid/alkaline theory of disease is nonsense. He’s right. There are some documented health effects from over acidity, but it’s not true that all disease is linked to acidity. Diseases that are inherited, or those that come from harmful organisms, such as the flu virus, have nothing to do with acidity.

Dr. Mirkin even agrees that some of the ways your body adjusts it’s pH in response to acidity can be harmful to your health. For example, bone lost when the body uses calcium from your bones to neutralize acidity – this leads to weak bones.

Why alkalizing the body is good for your health

acid alkaline theory of disease infographic

Alkaline foods and alkaline water can help you avoid using calcium from your bones to neutralize acid

The purpose of alkalinity and an alkaline lifestyle is to avoid some of the more harmful adjustments the body makes when it regulates it’s pH. For example,  Dr. Mirkin mentions that when excess organic acids accumulate in your body, calcium is taken from the bones to neutralize it. One of the main reasons to drink alkaline water is to provide an alternate source of calcium to your body.You can balance out the acids in your body with calcium from your bones, or you can provide calcium from an outside source, such as alkaline water. Which way would you choose?

Alkaline mineral water is an excellent source of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Both calcium and magnesium are absorbed 30% easier and faster from water than they are from food or supplements. The World Health Organization recommends you get up to 20% of your calcium from water. Alkaline water has demonstrated a link to bone health in studies. Even the Mayo Clinic agrees, alkaline water shows a link to bone health.

Are YOU at risk for weak bones? Here’s how to test yourself for calcium loss

Alkaline water and stomach pH

Dr. Mirkin’s claims that alkaline water doesn’t change the pH of the stomach, he’s wrong about that. Drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach will temporarily raise the pH level in your stomach. Clinical tests of alkaline water in Japan that measured the pH inside the stomachs of people who drank alkaline water showed that it raised the pH of their stomachs from .5 – 1 pH. The test subject’s stomach pH stayed higher for about a half hour.

Alkaline water, urine pH, and metabolic syndrome

Dr. Mirkin claims that alkaline water raises the pH of the urine, he is right. Raising the pH of your urine – if it is too low – is a good thing. Because the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome are linked to chronic low urinary pH. The lower your urine pH, the more symptoms of metabolic syndrome you are likely to have.

 The symptoms of metabolic syndrome are:

    • Obesity

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Diabetes

    • Kidney Stones

  • High Blood Sugar (Insulin resistance)

The difference between having all of those symptoms and having NONE of those symptoms is just a half of a pH!

Click here to learn how to test your urine pH

Alkalinity for Health, not Disease

Dr. Mirkin’s concerns about disease claims are valid. The purpose of eating healthy foods and drinking healthy water is to provide your body two things that it needs for good health; nutrition, and hydration. Even doctors agree, your body is often it’s own best medicine. Many people have recovered from poor health conditions after switching to a healthier alkaline lifestyle. Alkaline foods, alkaline water, exercise, and stress reduction are all important parts of that healthy lifestyle.

Yes! We can help you switch to a healthier lifestyle that includes alkaline water, foods, exercise and stress relief. Call our alkaline living experts today at 877-959-7977 and take the first step towards a healthier life today.



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