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Dangers of Dehydration and its Effects on the Body

Dehydration goes much deeper than being a little thirsty. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you it needs water. Your body needs water to function properly. Without it, you can actually have some very diverse effects.  If left too long, you can suffer anywhere from mild to severe cases
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Alkaline Water vs Gatorade for Sports Hydration

Feeling Dehydrated? Need a blast of energy? Should you reach for Gatorade or alkaline water? You should reach for both! Alkaline water mixed with powdered Gatorade or other powdered electrolyte hydrates AND buffers muscular lactic acid better than alkaline water or Gatorade alone. This article shows you how to make and use the Ultimate Sports Drink, you WILL feel it!
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Guide to Sports Hydration with Alkaline Water

Alkalize and hydrate like a pro Many professional athletes alkalize their bodies prior to working out because alkalinity buffers performance robbing acidity in the body. Alkalizing lets an athlete go harder before they feel the burning sensation in their muscles that signals that they’ve reached the limit. Alkaline water from
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Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study

Alkaline Water Shown to Fight Extreme Dehydration in Study | Dehydration is killing firefighters Heart attack due to dehydration is the number one cause of death among firefighters while fighting fires, according to Effect of Hydration on Whole Blood Viscosity in Firefighters.  Heart attack easily beats out smoke inhalation and
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75% of Americans suffer from Chronic Dehydration

3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated Are you one of them? If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t drink enough water.. Many people choose coffee, soda, or even energy drinks as their beverage of choice during the day. Those beverages do provide some hydration, but even so
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How to tell if Alkaline Water Benefits You | Hydration

How to calculate your hydration status during workouts Proper hydration is essential for athletes to perform at their best. One of the alkaline water benefits for athletes is that it can hydrate better than plain water. Athletes can verify that they are remaining well-hydrated with alkaline water by performing some
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Water best for hydration says Harvard Health

A recent article in the Harvard School of Public Health’s newsletter The Nutrition Source reveals that the very best way to quench your thirst is by drinking water. Harvard also recommends that you go easy on milk and juice, and skip sugary drinks entirely. Water is without doubt the healthiest
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How to use Alkaline Water for Sports Hydration

In sports, alkaline water is used to improve body hydration levels and counteract muscular acidity. Sports hydration is different than ordinary hydration because electrolytes are consumed faster. Ultimate sports hydration with alkaline water is achieved by using a combination of high pH  water and powdered electrolyte drink mixes. Pre-Hydration An
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What is dehydration? | 6 Signs of dehydration

What is dehydration? Dehydration is a condition caused by a lack of water and sometimes electrolytes in the body. It only takes between 1 and 2% water loss for the signs of poor hydration to begin to show.  Lack of water is the most common form of dehydration. Lack of electrolytes
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Why you must Drink Alkaline Water for better Hydration

Why Alkaline Water is better for Hydration Studies have shown that  Alkaline water may hydrate better than plain water. Thanks to recent research conducted at Colorado State University, we now know why! Studies have shown that a class of proteins found in every cell in the body called aquaporins can
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Can Dehydration be Prevented by Drinking Water?

Yes! Drinking water when you are thirsty will make you feel less thirsty, thereby preventing dehydration. But don’t tell that to the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA), because you can go to jail for two years for claiming that drinking water prevents dehydration. What did it take to make it
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Dehydration: What happens if you don’t drink enough water?

Chances are that you are dehydrated, right now, and its wrecking your health. Learn what you need to do right now to restore your hydration to healthy levels. Dehydration can occur with the loss of as little as 1% of water by body weight. Athletes begin to lose performance at 2% dehydration. Beyond that, dehydration can become a dangerous, life threatening situation that can result in heart attacks. This article lists the most common symptoms of dehydration, so you can learn how to spot dehydration before it becomes a problem.
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