5 Benefits of alkaline water you may not know about

5 benefits of alkaline water infographic

5 surprising benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water has been drunk for centuries for it’s health benefits. Many of the benefits of alkaline water are well documented. But here are 5 surprising benefits you may not know about:

1.  Helps prevent renal and urinary infections – Inadequate hydration can lead to unhealthy concentrations of bacteria in the urinary tract. Acidic body conditions like that encourage the growth of harmful aerobic bacteria.

Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water and contributes to a healthy pH balance. Adequate hydration helps the body to flush bacteria from the urinary tract. Proper hydration also helps lubricate the colon. That allows wastes to be expelled easier.

2.  Helps prevent headaches and fainting – Dehydration is a known to be a factor in headaches. Severe dehydration can cause headaches and fainting. Alkaline water is easier to absorb and hydrates at least 17% better than plain water

3. Healthier hair and nails – Both hair and nails depend on hydration and essential minerals like calcium for healthy growth. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are easier to absorb from water than they are from food sources. Studies show that even people with digestive problems that make minerals hard to absorb get beneficial amounts of minerals from alkaline water.

4. Brain protection – Dehydration and acidic body conditions can both affect the brain. Alkaline ionized water from a home water ionizer contains platinum nanoparticles. Those in conjunction with alkaline water have been shown to protect brain cells from harmful acidity.

5. Oxygen to the cells – One of the most surprising benefits of alkaline ionized water is that it helps you breathe better. How it helps is even more amazing. It supplies the body with hydrogen. That allows the body to maintain blood pH – remember, the “h” in pH stands for hydrogen – at the top of the healthy pH range for blood of 7.45 pH. This helps the hemoglobin in the blood absorb oxygen in the lungs more efficiently

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