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The science is proven. The results are there, so what’s stopping you from making the switch? Life Ionizers provide the highest quality water with the most potent therapeutic qualities. Find out for yourself.

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How will you benefit ?

Increase Lifespan

A new study showed that ionized alkaline water has the potential to extend lifespans. Researchers found that alkaline water had several positive effects measuring extended lifespans compared with those didn’t get ionized alkaline water.

Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation drastically increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, neurological, and lung diseases, and worse. 

Water ionizers create high amounts of hydrogen in the water. Hydrogen-rich water dramatically helps bust up unwanted inflammation in your body.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Drinking at least four 8oz glasses of ionized alkaline water can substantially reduce the chances of developing high blood sugar problems (hyperglycemia).

Enhance Cardiac Health

2% dehydration drastically increases your risk of heart failure and other cardiovascular complications. Alkaline ionized water is structured to hydrate faster and longer than tap and filtered water.

Improve Brain Health

Alkaline ionized water has been proven to help reduce and prevent the oxidative damage to brain cells that leads to neurodegenerative diseases.

Weight Loss

How much weight could you lose drinking alkaline water? A 2011 study suggests that you could lose about 12 pounds in two months – just by drinking alkaline water!

Gut Health

Your gastrointestinal tract is the foundation for your bodies health. It’s pH sensitivities and hormonal functions affect your enzyme production and digestive efficiency. Regulating your hydration and pH balance decreases food sensitivities and regulates your overall health.


Research shows that drinking alkaline water can help provide detoxification and regulation of 10 crucial heavy metals from your body.

Enhance Sports Performance

When tested against plain water, alkaline water rehydrated dehydrated subjects nearly twice as quickly! With your body experiencing mood swings, cardiac fatigue, and slower response times at just 2% loss of water by body weight, alkaline water can be the key to enhancing your performance.

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Our products

Life Ionizers countertop alkaline ionizer systems
Innovative and powerful alkaline water ionizer machines designed to sit right on your countertop for easy access. Alkaline ionized water at the touch of a button. Learn more!
Life Ionizers undercounter alkaline ionizer systems
The Life Ionizer under-counter models produce the same potent alkaline ionized water while freeing up counter space. The faucet comes in a variety of finishes to match your kitchen. Learn more!
Life Ionizers travel alkaline ionizer systems
Getting alkaline ionized water on-the-go has never been easier. The Pitcher of Life is the easiest way to get alkaline water while traveling. Learn more!
Life Ionizers Dolphin Whole Home water filtration systems
Did you know? The water you drink isn’t the only thing that should be filtered. Care for your skin as much as the inside and protect your whole home. Learn more!

Your Best Health Is Waiting For You. Get Financed Regardless Of Your Credit .

Our Best Sellers


The Life MXL-9 gives you top of the line benefits at a mid-range price.

  • 9 Medical Grade Platinum Plates
  • Great for home or traveling
  • RADC Self Cleaning
  • 1 Click Filter Swapping

Available in Counter Top and Under-Counter.


The Life MXL-15 is the world’s most powerful home water ionizer with the highest flow rate, pH range, and ORP on the market today.

  • 15 Medical Grade Platinum Plates
  • Great for families & active individuals
  • Widest pH Range
  • LIFETIME Warranty

Available in Counter Top and Under-Counter.


First introduced to doctors and clinics, the MXL-11 features the best antioxidant potential at drinkable pH levels.  

  • 11 Medical Grade Platinum Plates
  • Great for Residential & Commercial
  • Balanced ORP & pH range
  • LIFETIME Warranty

Available in Counter Top and Under-Counter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

The water experts at Life Ionizers will evaluate your specific needs and determine which water solution is best for you. A water report will be done for your specific area so that your water is not only health, alkaline and anti-oxidant rich, but also free of contaminants, chemicals and more. We’re here to help. Just ask.

Life Ionizers are designed in the USA and manufactured in our factories in South Korea where they undergo extensive quality control tests and are certified as medical devices. 

We feel so strongly that you will love your Life Ionizer that we invite you to try it for 75 days. 

Yes, we offer financing through Bread Pay that accepts all credit types.

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