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Water Ionizer Facts, Not Falsehoods

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Water Ionizer Facts, Not Falsehoods

Know the facts about water ionizers, some of the most misunderstood health advancements of the 21rst century.


From outrageous claims, to questionable science, it’s easy to find misinformation about water ionizers that you know or suspect just isn’t true. Much of this misinformation comes from companies that don’t really understand how these machines work. But it’s your health, you have a right to know the facts when making decisions about it.

1 Water Ionizers Split Water Molecules - No, they don’t.

When you spit a water molecule, you get hydrogen and oxygen, not water.

2 Water Ionizers Restructure Water Molecules

This scam is also referred to as “microclustered” water, and it’s not true. Water molecules don’t stay clustered together, they float around freely when water is in liquid form, bouncing off each other and the walls of the container that they’re in.

3 Kangen Water is Different from Alkaline ionized Water

Not true. Kangen Water is a trademarked brand name owned by Enagic corporation, it’s something they made up to make their machine sound like a medical device, but don’t be fooled. Kangen water is no different than any other alkaline water made by any other ionizer.

4 A water ionizer could make “artificially alkaline” water

This is different. You make water “artificially alkaline” by adding slaked lime to it is a common practice at city water treatment plants since the 1890’s. Making tap water artificially alkaline is done to prevent corrosion of pipes and water storage tanks.

5 You can get the same kind of alkaline water in stores

This is false because water ionizers put antioxidant potential into the alkaline water they make. The bottled alkaline water you buy in a store doesn’t have any antioxidant potential - even if that water was made with a water ionizer! Bottled alkaline water doesn’t have any antioxidant potential because the antioxidant potential of alkaline water doesn’t keep. It dissipates within 24 hours unless stored in a refrigerator in a glass container.

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