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What is a water ionizer and the water benefits of having one?

WHY Choose LIFE?

This informative 74 page guide will give you a better understanding of the reasons for and benefits of an alkaline water cleanse.



YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH to enjoying the amazing benefits of alkaline ionized water from a Life Water Ionizer. With our range of water ionizers, people around the world, just like you, have discovered the power of alkaline ionized water.

Once you have read how we built our water ionizers, you will agree with us that we manufacture the most amazing water ionizers in the world. You see, we have been perfecting the Life Water Ionizer since 1996 – In fact, we are the longest running distributor and manufacturer of water ionizers in North America.

There’s a reason we built our ionizers this way, so that you are able to enjoy the maximum benefits of alkaline ionized water for years and years to come. While others simply import in a water ionizer and try to sell what they get, Life Ionizers takes our long industry experience to create the most advanced, innovative system for you and your family.

Take a look at what makes Life Ionizers the industry leader in alkaline water filtration with this in-depth guide on how a Life Ionizers is made from the outside in. Give us a call with any questions and we hope that you will join the family!


Accomplishments Say A Lot

Accomplishments Say A Lot about a company that you’re thinking of doing business with. LIFE Ionizers is the undisputed industry leader when it comes to accomplishments. LIFE Ionizer carries more certifications than any other ionizer company for a reason. We are committed to the positive health outcomes of our customers. Our long list of accomplishments and certifications stand as testimony to that commitment.


Read the full 74 page guide here: Why Choose Life?