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Alkaline Water Ionizers

What is Ionized Water?

All water except pure water - but including your tap water - is ionized water. Ions are particles which can have either a negative charge or a positive charge. Pure water doesn’t have any ions in it, because for water to be ionized, you have to add some substance to it. When you dissolve something in water, it becomes ionized water. For example:

If you dissolve salt (sodium chloride) into water, the water will be ionized by sodium and chloride ions as the salt dissolves:

  • Sodium ions - Have a positive charge
  • Chloride ions Have a negative charge

The reason dissolving salt into water ionizes the water is that when salt is dissolved in water, the opposing charges that normally bond the sodium ions to the chloride ions get loosened, but not broken. This means that the sodium ions are still attracted to the chloride ions, but now water molecules can get between them!

In solid form, the electromagnetic charges between sodium and the chloride ions bind the two elements together as salt. But when salt is dissolved in water, water molecules actually slip in between the sodium and the chloride ions. The ions are still attracted to each other by their opposite charges, but now they bounce and slide around - almost like they’re dancing withe each other - because water molecules have gotten between them. The water now has sodium ions and chloride ions in solution with water.

If you take a glass of water that has salt in it, and evaporate water, the salt then returns to solid form. Since there are no more water molecules in the way, the sodium ions and the chloride ions again become tightly bonded, and balance each other’s charges out, which leaves you with the salt you started with!

What is Deionized Water?

Deionized water is water that has had all of the ions removed from it. Deionized water is pure water, something that is never found in nature. Water is deionized either by distillation or reverse osmosis. Either way, deionized water has no ions in it, just water molecules.

Did you know? Water ionizers ionize alkaline water by adding antioxidant potential! Discover what that antioxidant potential could mean for your health by calling us at 866-536-3518 for a free no-obligation healthy water consultation

The Ions in your Tap Water - and how they get there

The majority of ions in your tap water come from two kinds of mineral salts that are dissolved in it. These mineral salts make your water hard water. They are the white stuff that builds up on your plumbing and appliances:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Magnesium Carbonate

Fact: Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are salts, just like sodium chloride. There are other dissolved salts in tap water as well, but calcium and magnesium salts are the most common.

The Calcium and Magnesium in your water come from the EarthThe carbonate comes from the air. Carbonate is dissolved CO2. When life first appeared on Earth, the calcium and magnesium in water was originally combined with hydroxyl ions - not carbonate ions. That primal hydroxyl-ion rich water still exists today, you can get it from deep artesian springs - which have been revered for centuries for their health-restorative qualities. That natural, hydroxyl-ion rich spring water is highly prized for it’s health because the hydroxyl ion is a powerful antioxidant.

Water today has lost that antioxidant hydroxyl ion because there is a lot more CO2 in our atmosphere today than when the Earth was young. CO2 has a much stronger chemical affinity - chemical attraction - to the calcium and magnesium in water than the hydroxyl ion does, so CO2 has largely replaced the hydroxyl ion in most water we drink today. Deep artesian springs protect the Earth’s remaining primal hydroxyl-ion rich water from CO2, which is why you can still find water in it’s primal state in artesian springs, but artesian spring water is becoming scarce.

Water Ionizers Restore Water to its Primal State

The reason that ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer has the same healthy benefits as artesian spring water is that a water ionizer removes the carbonate ion from tap water. This causes the calcium and magnesium in your water to claim a hydroxyl ion from a water molecule. A water ionizer simply ionizes your water back to its primal state.

How water ionizers remove carbonate ions from water

A water ionizer uses electromagnetism to overcome the chemical affinity that the carbonate ions in the water has for the mineral ions - the mineral ions and the carbonate ions are pulled into separate chambers inside the ionizer. Each of these chambers has water in it. The chamber that the mineral ions end up in becomes ionized alkaline water. The chamber that the carbonate ions end up in becomes acidic ionized water. That happens because the mineral ions in water are alkaline, and the carbonate ions are acidic.

After being separated from the carbonate ions, the mineral ions combine with a hydroxyl ion taken from a water molecule. Thus your tap water is restored to the original primal state of water: Hydroxyl rich mineral water - just like you get from an artesian spring. The carbonate ions also combine with water molecules in their chamber, which turns that water into a solution of carbonic acid.

Water ionizers have two separate water outlets because of the ionization process that separates the mineral ions from the carbonate ions. That is why when you run water through a water ionizer, it makes alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water at the same time. The reason for this is physics. Remember, according to the laws of physics, nothing can ever be created or destroyed, so after the carbonate ions are separated from the mineral ions in tap water, those carbonate ions have to go somewhere. That’s why you get alkaline and acidic ionized water from a water ionizer at the same time.

Restore your water to it’s natural, primal state. Call us at 866-536-3518 and get the health benefits that come from drinking water in it’s natural state.

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