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Who else loves Life Ionizers? Click a testimonial to read what they have to say!

Damian Jackson Damian Jackson

17-Year MLB Veteran

“Alkaline water from my LIFE Ionizer has become a vital part of my daily routine and I encourage you to try it and see what it does for you!”

Nancy & Steve Marx Nancy & Steve Marx

Satisfied Life Customer

“ I would like to say how much our whole family enjoys the water filter. My husband and I both use the alkaline water for drinking. This water really hydrates you...you can tell the difference. No matter how much tap water you drink you don’t ever really feel quenched. I use the purified water for all my smoothies, sprouting, fermented beverages and for my granddaughter’s tropical fish which has survived from last summer. I use the alkaline water on my house plants and hanging pots and they thrive. I use the acid water to spray on my face. My grown children come by our house several times a week to fill water jugs for their families.
My husband just turned 71 in December and I will be 62 next month. We think this water helps to keep us looking and feeling young!
Nancy & Steve Marx, Renton, WA ”
Barry Zito Shawne Merriman

Former All-Pro NFL Linebacker

“I like to keep it sharp, on and off the field, that’s why I chose LIFE Ionizers. Hydration matters when you have to be at your best, day in and day out. My LIFE Ionizer makes alkaline water that’s more hydrating than regular water - I can taste and feel the difference. If you’re serious about being at the top of your game, you gotta look into getting a LIFE Ionizer”
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson

“ My demanding schedule means sometimes I'm forced to put myself on the back-burner, but the first time I tasted Alkaline water I knew I needed a machine of my own. I found and purchased a Life Ionizer, now it travels absolutely everywhere with me and I drink it every day. I love it! ”

Dr. Don Colbert Dr. Don Colbert

N.Y. Times Best Selling Author

“There is only one water filtration system that I trust and that's Life Ionizer, the life alkaline mineral water ionizer filters tap water through 3 filters then ionizes and alkalizes it. Ionized alkaline mineral water is the healthiest water available. We currently use one in our office as well as home and it should definitely be apart of your families investment in health, it will be one of the best investments in health you've ever made.”



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