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Skip the Ripoff Report With F Rating by BBB - Get Real Health Facts on LIFE Ionizer

Skip the Ripoff Report With F Rating by BBB - Get Real Health Facts on LIFE Ionizer

The website Ripoff Reports is a scam. Ripoff reports passes itself off as a consumer reviews website that reports on scams, review, complaints, and fraud, but when you look a little deeper, you’ll find that Ripoff Reports has scammed innocent businesses like LIFE Ionizers out of thousands of dollars for fake “reputation management” services. On the Ripoff Reports website, a fake consumer complaint report from 2012 titled: Life Ionizers Doctors Health, Earth Trade, Health Stores Just Another Water Scam – Lie To You – Then Dump The Customer – Could Care Less Carlsbad, California makes false claims against LIFE Ionizers. Ripoff Reports wants $2,000 to “repair your reputation” but for $2,000 all you’d get is a line on their “report” saying you tried to fix the problem. They won’t actually take the report down, even if you’ve fixed the complaint the site alleges! Read our full article on the Ripoff that is Ripoff Report - Life Ionizers Reviews | Ripoff Report Scam

EarthTrade Water Company is based in Carlsbad, California 92011.

That much is true. But that's about all the Ripoff Report gets right. Let's set the record straight. The LIFE Ionizer / Earthtrade Water, Inc. headquarters is located in beautiful Carlsbad, California. EarthTrade and Life Ionizers also have offices in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. EarthTrade built their company on the belief that the Alkaline Water Machines they make can change the world and better people's health! LIFE Ionizers is an environmentally-conscious and socially-responsible firm with one goal in mind: to serve health conscious customers by discovering and bringing to market the best health products the world has to offer. The EarthTrade and LIFE Ionizers team includes many highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to serving the Alkaline Water consumer. LIFE Ionizers manufactures one of the finest water ionizers in existence. As the foremost manufacturer-distributors of these products, EarthTrade is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. EarthTrade and LIFE Ionizers is noted for providing the best service at honest prices.

EarthTrade Water and Life Water Ionizer A+ BBB Business Ranking!

Ripoff Report gets a big fat F rating by the Better Business Bureau. To be clear, on a scale of A+ to F, F is the lowest possible BBB rating a company can get. By comparison, EarthTrade gets an A+ rating, the highest rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Life Water Ionizers / EarthTrade has been in business for 20 years. We have extensive record of consumer reports that show ethical business practices and outstanding customer service. Unlike other alkaline water ionizer companies, Life Water Ionizers claims are sincere and backed by current research and based on real science and personal experience. We don’t lie, exaggerate, or make unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of a healthy diet, life style and drinking Alkaline Water. We are true fans of the product we sell.

Rip Off Report is a scam whose revenue model is based on reputation management blackmail

The way the seller is supposed to rebut a Ripoff Report review is by paying Ripoff Report very good money to do so. It's a scam pretending to be a consumer advocate. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for honest reviews of Alkaline Water, EarthTrade Water, and LIFE Water Ionizer reviews.

Real EarthTrade Water Reviews Recommend the LIFE Ionizers M Series

EarthTrade Water and Life Ionizers next generation Alkaline Water Machine, the 2016 LIFE Water Ionizers M series gets rave reviews! LIFE Water Ionizer reviews: Amazon, Trust Pilot, and Reseller Ratings!

EarthTrade Water and Life Ionizer Alkaline Water Testimonials

Robb Nunn PGA Golf Veteran relies on Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water for increased endurance, sports hydration and peak performance.

For more detailed information on the full 2016 LIFE Water Ionizer next generation M series read the article on our main Life Ionizers website - 2016 Life Ionizer Alkaline Water Machine models and also here Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews. We are also glad to answer questions and provide you with a free, no obligation consultation at 877 959-7977.

Life Water Ionizer Reviews - real water ionizer facts based on real scientific research

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Confused by website Ripoff Reports? For the full story read our exposé Life Ionizers Reviews | Ripoff Report Scam.