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Life Ionizer 9000

Life Ionizer 9000

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The LIFE 9000 is engineered to produce the highest quality ionized water of any residential ionizer on the market! It set the bar for ionization by providing consumers with the highest amount of anti-oxidants at a drinkable 9.5 pH. This ionizer boasts 9 electrodes and 386 watts of power ensuring that you are getting the highest quality ionized alkaline water available on the planet! It also allows for easy filter access through LIFE’s newly designed and patented front sliding filter door adding to it’s user friendly design. The LIFE 9000 is a breakthrough in ionization!

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Features (Exclusive Life Ionizers Features)

Reasons to Choose LIFE

Every Life Ionizer includes:

  • SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) – Puts more antioxidant power into every glass of water you drink.
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Block Filter Technology™ (patent pending) - Protects you from the harmful effects of chlorine and chloramines, which have proven harmful even in tiny amounts! Protection found exclusively in LIFE Ionizers.
  • FREE Water Quality Report – We analyze your local municipal water quality report.
  • FREE Custom Pre-Filter – Configured by our water quality experts to filter the toxins found in your water quality report.
  • Exclusive LIFE Ionizers Optional Features:

  • LIFE GRID Technology™ Increases the antioxidant power and pH of alkaline water by as much as 15%
  • UV Light Technology™ (patent pending) - EPA approved protection from bacteria, viruses, and parasitic cysts
  • Next Generation (EFT) Energy Frequency Technology™ Energizes Alkaline Water with 205 potentially health-building energetic frequencies created by quantum biologists.
  • Buy LIFE Ionizers® with Confidence:

  • 75 Day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor for high end LIFE Ionizers
  • AAA+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Industry Leading Certifications
  • Physicians Desktop Reference
  • What does all this do for you?

  • You get cutting edge water filtration technology that makes your water healthy and safer.
  • You get more age-fighting antioxidant power in every glass of water you drink.
  • You get pH balanced mineral water that is designed to promote optimum health with daily use
  • You get the best warranty in the industry so you can buy with confidence
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