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Life Ionizers LC-13

Life Ionizers LC-13

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More plates in the ionizer means greater surface area, and more powerful, higher capacity water flow. That means that this ionizer can handle the high-volume demands of your commercial establishment. The LIFE Ionizer™ LC-13 packs all of the functionality and stylish design of its personal-use predecessors, but this machine can also handle commercial-use output volume with a 5L/min filtration capacity.

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Features (Exclusive Life Ionizers Features)

The LC-13’s high power and high flow rate enable you to fill large containers fast. Plus, filling large containers is more convenient with the LC-13 than it is with other semi-commercial ionizers thanks to LIFE’s exclusive hose attachment: It enables you to fill large containers without having to hold them under the machine’s outlet spout. Competing ionizers make you hold your large container under the spout, which is awkward and can be hard on your arm muscles. LIFE Ionizers is the only brand of commercial-grade ionizer that comes with an attachment hose specifically for large containers.

LC-13 commercial ionizer: Savings and power

The LIFE LC-13 costs about $1,000 less than it’s nearest competitor, the Kangen Super SD-501. But the LC-13 has more power and greater plate surface area, so it easily outperforms the Super SD-501. Plus, the LC-13 has the attachment hose for large containers, the Super SD-501 doesn’t. When you compare other semi-commercial ionizers like the Kangen Super SD-501 to the LC-13, they don’t actually look all that super. Especially not when they cost so much more.

  • SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)
  • LIFE GRID Technology
  • UV Light Technology™
  • Next Generation (EFT) Energy Frequency Technology
  • Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Filter Technology™
  • Physicians Desktop Reference
  • Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Certifications

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