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HydraCide (Life 3000)

HydraCide (Life 3000)

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  • Capacity: 2 litres
  • Ionization Time: 10 minutes regular water, 20 minutes strong water
  • Strong Alkaline Water*: 11.3+ pH, -650 ORP
  • Strong Acidic Water*: 2.5pH, +1200 ORP
  • Alkaline drinking water: 9.2pH, -200 ORP
  • Acidic beauty water: 5.5pH, +600 ORP
*Salt added to water to enhance ionization.

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Features (Exclusive Life Ionizers Features)

The LIFE 3000 makes very powerful ionized waters when salt is added to the water prior to ionization. These powerful waters replace many hazardous chemicals that you use around the home.

Powerful ionized alkaline water has a high 11+ pH, it is stronger than alkaline water used for drinking. Strong alkaline water is used for washing; it is a powerful cleaner that helps remove stains.

Powerful ionized acidic water has a very low, approximately 2.5 pH; it is stronger than the acidic water used for hair and skin care. Strong acidic water, also made using salt, is a powerful disinfectant. At a pH level of approximately 2.5, it will inactivate bacteria and viruses in about 30 seconds. Use it in your kitchen to sanitize counters, cutting boards and more. You can use it for personal care as well. Gargle with strong ionized water to kill germs, and as a skin disinfectant to prevent infections.

So many uses around the home!
Healthy drinking water

Hair and skin care

Improve the flavor and texture of cooked foods

Chemical-free cleaning

Chemical-free disinfection

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