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    This conversion kit enables you to supply your countertop water ionizer with water from under the sink, doing away with the faucet diverter valve.
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    Our diverter valves allows you to adapt your faucet for use with a countertop filter and are the highest quality and most attractive valves on the market. Each diverter valve is individually tested for quality control. The valve features a self lubricating o-ring that promotes long lasting smooth operation. Threads onto existing faucet. Allows one to choose to use faucet normally or divert water to filter. Female 13/16"X27 threads and 1/4" compression barb for al filter with 1/4" inlet tubing.
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    Turn your counter-top unit into a convenient under-counter unit, and reclaim your counter-top space! Don't stoop below the sink to control your water, every Next Generation Stainless Steel Faucet includes:

    • Fits 1 3/8" (3.49cm) fitting in sink
    • One touch, full function LED display
    • pH level indicator
    • Stainless steel dual spout
    • Swivel positioning
    See full specifications here and here.

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    Contains 99.9% food grade citric acid. Adding one teaspoon per 16 ounces of water allows your Ionizer to drop below 4.0 pH.

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    Flexible, lightweight, easy to handle - Resistant to many alkalis, acids, solvents, fuels. BPA free. Price based on size increment.

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