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    Replacement filter for LIFE Ionizer 4000

    Life Ionizers 4000 & 4100 Replacement Filter

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    1st replacement filter for LIFE M9 series with 4 stages 1 Micron Filter For use with M9 Life Ionizer 

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    2nd replacement filter for LIFE Ionizer M9 with 5 Stages 1 Micron Filter For use with M9 Life Ionizer
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    Triple filtration system consisting of 1 x 20" Anti-Scale media cartridge, and 2 x 20" 5 Micron Coconut Shell Carbon cartridges. Significantly reduces hard water with superior anti-scale media, also provides up to 99% Superior Chlorine Reduction. Made with FDA grade components and and materials with a max flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.
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    The safest, most earth-friendly and convenient drinking container in the world, brought to you by LIFE Ionizers!™ Non porous glasslike material. No leaching or plastic taste. RECYCLABLE * REUSABLE * BPA-FREE with stainless steel cap attached with nylon strap.

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    Intro Price $6.97

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    Keep your Ionizer running at peak performance with regular uses of our citric acid cleaning cartridges. It is recommended to clean your Ionizer at least 3 times a year at regular intervals (every 4 months). Utilizing a proprietary citric acid cleaning compound, remove hard-water buildup from your plates, chamber, and internal plastics.
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    This one time use filter containing a proprietary citric acid cleaning compound, will clean the plates and chamber inside your LIFE ionizer.
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    • Counter Top
    • 3.0 - 9.8
    • 5 Plates
    • Up to -500 ORP
    • Up to 249 Watts
    • Black
    • 7 Years on Parts / 7 Years on Labor
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    Like having two filters in one! LIFE’s 5 micron carbon block water filter is NSF certified to remove chlorine taste and odor. Plus, it filters out organic chemicals that also contribute a bad taste and odor to water. This filter ensures your water tastes great. This filter traps sediments down to 5 microns in size. Use as a pre-filter for your LIFE Ionizer, or as a replacement filter in your existing home filtration system. FIts in standard 10 inch filter housings
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    This is an ideal pre-filter for customers with well water.

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