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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Water Filtration Products

Water Ionizers

Quality. Efficiency. Power. We offer you the best Alkaline Water Ionizers at the best price. With every Life Ionizer, you are getting innovative and lasting technology dedicated to improving your health and preserving your wallet.

Filtration Systems

Paired with a free local water quality report, our whole-home filtration systems are the most cost-efficient solution to remove heavy metals, fluorides, and numerous volatile organic compounds from your home’s water.


Efficient, effective filters for every application. Each and every filter purchase comes with a free water quality report in order to customize your specific filtration needs. Make clean healthy water a part of your every-day life.


Eco-friendly. BPA-Free. Non-leeching. Our affordable high-quality bottles make the perfect pair with your Ionizer, as a way to keep your Alkaline water at home or on the go. Do your part to eliminate environmental waste and browse our selection of bottles below.

Travel Systems

Powerful Ionization in a small package. Our pitchers will double as a convenient system you can take along on your travels, or as a great way to quickly Ionize and contain water for a small family at home. Produce the anti-oxidant rich Alkaline water you love anywhere, anytime.

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