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Metabolic Acidosis Can Result in Kidney Disease

Metabolic acidosis is a condition where blood pH temporarily drops to unsafe levels.


Normally the body corrects metabolic acidosis all by itself. But research now shows that the body’s way of compensating for metabolic acidosis comes at a price: Kidney disease. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent or slow the progression of kidney disease - reduce body acidity by eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water.

Check Yourself: Do you have metabolic acidosis?

Alkaline Water can Neutralize Metabolic Acidosis Quickly, Food can’t

Possibly the fastest way to stop metabolic acidosis is to drink alkaline water. Within minutes, it can raise blood pH by as much as 40 - 70% and restore it to safe levels (between 7.35 - 7.45). Water is absorbed much faster by the body than food is, and speed is essential when fighting metabolic acidosis.

Alkaline water highly recommended for dieters. If you are dieting, you’re especially at risk because hunger puts your body into a state of metabolic acidosis. Alkaline water is the ideal solution: It’s fast acting and contains zero calories. Drinking water between meals can also help reduce your appetite. If you are a dieter that is serious about weight loss then alkaline water is a vital part of your diet!

Athletes are also at increased risk for metabolic acidosis because working out increases muscular acidity. Drinking alkaline water can help reduce the lactic acid that causes muscular acidity and robs you of performance, and It has also been shown to improve hydration levels.

More than just Protection against Metabolic Acidosis - Detoxification

Drinking alkaline water can do more for your kidneys than just protecting them from metabolic acidosis - it makes it easier for them to discharge acidic toxins. For example, if your urine is at a pH of 5.5, your kidneys can only filter out roughly 5% of the fluoride in your blood. But if you raise your urine pH to 7.6, your kidneys can now filter 65% of the fluoride in your bloodstream. Alkaline water helps reduce the work that your kidneys have to do by increasing their efficiency.

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This is an excerpt, for more information read the full article which goes into more detail and includes links to references – Metabolic Acidosis Linked to Kidney Disease