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Life Ionizer Reviews M9 X Next Generation Water Ionizer

Read Customer Reviews About the Life Next Generation M9 X

The Life M7 makes alkaline water with higher antioxidant potential, and more acid-fighting alkalinity at a water pH that is optimized for daily drinking. What does this mean? Health experts recommend that you drink alkaline water with a pH of 9.5 daily for better health because a pH of 9.5 is the optimum pH for maintaining your body’s pH balance. The Life M7 was designed to give you the highest antioxidant potential of alkaline water at that level, so it’s perfect for maintaining your good health.

Lorin K. discovered just how important all that antioxidant potential was when he and his wife were introduced to alkaline water by a friend. Lorin says his wife felt “almost immediate” relief from illness symptoms she had been suffering from for years. Lorin and his wife ended up buying an M7 and have become loyal LIFE Ionizers customers.

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Amazon Reviews - Life Ionizers M9 X Next Generation

"Just purchased M9 less than a month ago. Within a week at 8.5 alkaline, minor aches and pains went from 100% to 10% for both my husband and I and I've lost 6 pounds! Love the many uses of alkaline/acid water including chemical free cleaning ability, and beauty facial wash using acid water. I have never enjoyed drinking water, and now I crave it! Customer service is excellent and able to answer any questions you might have. Now our friends come over to get alkaline water to drink." - Kimberlee M.

"We've had our M9 for about a year now, and love it. Let's start with the water tastes great! With the pre-filters in our system and the filters in the machine, all chemical smell and taste is removed from our drinking water. The only bad part is that we now notice all the chemicals in all other drinking water. We use the water from our machine at different pH levels for all kinds of things--6.5 for watering plants (they love it) and skin cleansing, the 9.0 for drinking and cooking, 3.0 for cleaning and disinfecting kitchen counter tops as well as fruits and veggies, and 11.5 for cleaning, a laundry booster and also cleaning fruits and veggies (I soak them in the acid water first to remove bacteria, then in alkaline water to remove any pesticides). It may be just a coincidence, but we've been extremely healthy in the year since we got our M9. " - M. Shore

"My wife and I have used purified and ionized water for over 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed its benefits. Before we had the M9, we would trek down to south Charlotte and buy purified alkaline water by the gallon. Finally, we wised up and looked into buying our own machine. One of the best decisions we have had. We both drink more water and could not survive without our machine. Since we both play golf and like walking on the course, even in the hot summer, having ionized water to drink is great." - K. Hefnerr

Google Reviews - Life Ionizers M9 X Next Generation

"We installed a M9 Next Generation unit immediately when we moved in to our new house in 2012 and only after a short period of time, we began to notice the difference in using this unit for our daily drinking and cooking use. We are now at constant 11.0 Alkaline grade and never look back. The filter water excess is also being used by my wife as a final hair rinse every bath and it resulted in tremendous improvement of the quality of her hair. Highly recommended." - Ve Aquino

"Purchased the M9 Life Ionizer Next Generation Water Machine in 2014. Both my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed this investment in our health. We have read articles that give very useful information about the health benefits of drinking Alkaline water on a continual basis. We do not have any quantifiable data that validates the greater health that we are experiencing. However, we have our own beliefs that we have not had any increase in any of the major health indicators like, cholesterol, blood pressure and for sure my wife’s blood pressure has gone down and her cholesterol medications have been reduced in half." - Marion C.

"Last year we purchased a Life Ionizer M9 Next Generation machine! We absolutely love it! It has made a difference in how we feel each and every day! I personally called and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Will Allen! He answered every question I had and more! Will made the purchasing process so easy! He guaranteed my delivery and sure enough our machine was here! We called for instructions and he was just great! We have referred several people to LIFE Ionizer! This is the only company we would purchase from!" - Linda C.

Facebook Reviews - Life Ionizers M9 X Next Generation

"I love the life ionizer. We have been using it for about a year now. I have always been fussy about the water I drink already owning a reverse osmosis water filtering system. When I read about alkalized water I knew I had to have one. I enjoy drinking our water when I know I have done everything I can to make our water the best it can be." - JoAnne F.

"I have had a Lifelonizer Filter system for about 4 years and it has been the best system that I have used along with the support form the main office if I ever have a problem. Best thing is I have never had a problem and if I am to rate this product from 1 to 10, it will have to be a 10." - Donnie D.

"I've had my under the counter water ionizer for several years now and I am extremely pleased with the unit and the customer service." - Renee L.