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Life Ionizer® Shower Filter Replacement + Vitamin C CeramicTechnology™

Life Ionizer® Shower Filter Replacement + Vitamin C CeramicTechnology™

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Replacement filter for the Life Shower Filter. Life Ionizers® new 2018 shower filters feature Advanced KDF Filtration Technology plus laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Ball Chlorine Reduction Technology™. Our KDF is tested to NSF/ANSI Standards to remove 99%+ of all chlorine in your shower water. Removing the chlorine in your shower water has important benefits: in the shower, chlorine is released from hot water, so it can build up and turn your shower into a gas chamber. Plus reduced chlorine means softer, shinier hair, softer skin, and it protects your health from chlorine gas. Plus our Vitamin C Filter Technology lowers the pH of your water as skin and hair need slightly acidic water for proper care.

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Chlorine and chloramines are both used by municipal water treatment facilities to disinfect drinking water. Do you know which one is used in your local water supply? The answer matters, because most shower filters don’t filter chloramines. Chlorine and chloramines both form disinfection byproducts, such as trihalomethanes. The disinfection byproducts produced by chlorine and chloramines are carcinogens; you don’t want them in your shower water. Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration is the only filtration technology that filters both chlorine and chloramines so you never get exposed to their disinfection byproducts.