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Life Ionizers – more and better filtration alkaline water machine

WHY Choose LIFE?

This informative 74 page guide will give you a better understanding of the reasons for and benefits of an alkaline water cleanse.


Internal Filters

The internal filters in your ionizer feature our laboratory-grade Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration which is effective against both chlorine and chloramines. Vitamin C is the best filtration available for chlorine, chloramine and their toxic byproducts, it’s used in laboratories and hospitals where chlorine must be eliminated from water. Other brands only filter chlorine, LIFE Ionizers is the only ionizer that has filtration which is equally effective against chlorine and chloramines. In addition, LIFE’s internal filters reduce heavy metals and VOCs.


LIFE Ionizers Plates


The plates are the most important part of a water ionizer, because that’s where tap water is transformed into ionized alkaline water. LIFE Ionizers is the only company to offer GRID plates – the toughest, longest lasting, most efficient plates with the highest pH performance on the market. Prefer flat plates? We have those too! No matter which plate style you choose, LIFE Ionizers guarantees them for LIFE!




LIFE gives you a choice! LIFE Ionizers offers our flat plates standard. Flat plates are very durable, but not quite as efficient as GRID plates are at converting tap water into ionized alkaline water.

If you want the ultimate alkaline water, GRID plates are the way to go. GRID plates cost more to make; they cost more to make than either flat plates or MESH plates, so that’s why we offer them as an option on LIFE water ionizers. LIFE used to offer MESH plates, but we developed GRID plates as a replacement because they are tougher than MESH.
Read the full 74 page guide here: Why Choose Life?