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Free Alkaline Water Information Guide – Why Choose Life

Life Ionizers – Who We Are

LIFE ionizers mission is to be the leader in the healthy water industry by providing water ionizers and customer service that exceed our customer’s expectations. Many of us here at LIFE have health challenges of our own. We’ve experienced firsthand how ionized alkaline water can put you back in charge of your health, and we want to share it’s amazing benefits. In fact, that’s why we show up for work each day.

What You Will Get Out of the Why Choose Life Guide

You will learn how a water ionizer works, and understand the vocabulary used to talk about ionizers so you can shop smart. You’ll learn about the extensive range of Life Ionizers available, including water alkalizers. Since we design and manufacture our own water ionizers, this book will deconstruct our units and show why we’ve chose to construct our units in the manner that we did.


How to Use the Why Choose Life Guide

This guide is designed to educate you no matter what level of water ionizer guru you are. From the very basics to the complicated inner workings, we aim to have you shopping smart and deciding what you really need in a water ionizer.


WHY Choose LIFE?

This informative 74 page guide will give you a better understanding of the reasons for and benefits of an alkaline water cleanse.

Read the full 74 page guide here: Why Choose Life?