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Learn about alkaline water benefits in Why Choose Life guide

WHY Choose LIFE?This informative 74 page guide will give you a better understanding of the reasons for and benefits of an alkaline water cleanse. ___


A quick overview of topics covered in the Why Choose LIfe? guide.

  • What is a water ionizer? 
  • LIFE Ionizers Custom Fitration 
  • LIFE Ionizers Plates 
  • Power 
  • Components 
  • Installation 
  • Optional Technologies 
  • Country of Manufacturer 
  • Kangen Water vs. Ionized Water 
  • Company 
  • What are people saying? 
  • Ok, so which Life Ionizer product is right for me? 
  • Kangen vs. Life Why should I be drinking alkaline ionized water? 
  • pH - What is it? 
  • Why does it matter? 
  • ORP - Just another acronym? 
  • Alkaline Ionized Water vs. Alkaline Water 
  • What are the facts? 
  • Aftercare Glossary


Read the full 74 page guide here: Why Choose Life?