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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Enagic® / Kangen® vs LIFE®

How are Enagic® / Kangen® and LIFE Ionizers™ different?

LIFE Ionizers® and Enagic Kangen have both been in business for over 17 years. LIFE Ionizers is recommended by health experts, pro athletes, and thousands of satisfied customers. Enagic Kangen has been called an over-priced, old technology system many health authorities and noted skeptics. Why has LIFE Ionizers® emerged as the World's leader in alkaline water health while Kangen Water has been condemned as an MLM scheme? Because LIFE has better quality, better prices, and much better science! Compare LIFE to Kangen for yourself, you’ll be glad you did!


Enagic® / Kangen®

LIFE Ionizers®

Business Model Sells through Multi-Level Marketing which makes Enagic the most expensive ionizer sold Factory direct savings to the public makes LIFE the industry leader in value, features and price
Innovation Enagic has not improved the quality of its ionizers in the last 10 years. Kangen is considered to be old-school technology by water ionizer experts LIFE is the industry leader in water ionizer innovation. Our cutting-edge technologies make LIFE #1 in healthy water, quality, and value
Cost $3980.00 plus tax. Almost double the cost of the comparable New & Improved 2014 Life M7 Water Ionizer Latest 2014 convertible counter top to optional under counter unit only $1,997
Warranty Offers a 5 year warranty Unlimited LIFEtime warranty on all parts
Power Source Uses old-fashioned transformers that are not as efficient and don't last as long as the new Life Max Yield SMPS Power System™ which is why Life offers a lifetime warranty on all parts including the power system Uses Energy efficient Max Yield SMPS Power technology
Color Options Platinum color Different color patterns to match the rest of your kitchen's appliances
Filtration Single internal filter Dual filters plus free water report & free pre-filters for optimum filtration
Distributor started in the USA January 2003 Since 1996
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Call us with any questions you may have about alkaline water ionizers. We are open 7 days a week and have a staff of water experts and offer financing for those that need it.866-536-3518

Watch the Animated Video - Kangen vs Life ionizers

Please take some time to review some of the latest innovations in technology that LIFE Ionizers have to offer:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Technology (patent pending) for addressing parasitic cysts in the water supply.
  • MESH technology™which boosts the pH and ORP to the highest levels in the industry.
  • Plates - Heavy Duty GRID Plate Technology with MAX Coat - 8 layers of Platinum over Industrial Titanium
  • Power System - Kangen® uses the old-fashioned transformer, LIFE uses the advanced SMPS Power System – same system as High Definition Televisions better power distribution for higher pH and ORP (antioxidants); runs cooler and lasts twice as long.
  • Laser Energy Technology - balances the energy in water
  • Power 5 – Multiple amperage settings to optimize ionizer performance
  • Dual filters with Vitamin C Ceramic Technology™ for chlorine and chloramines reduction
  • Free water report includes Free Pre-filter and housing
  • Under Counter systemswith brushed stainless steel faucets w/ twin spouts, digital read-out & touch control. Converts to counter top.
  • The first and only alkaline water ionizer listed in the 2009 Physicians' Desk Reference® for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs



  • 5 Plates!
  • SMPS Power System up to 300 Watts
  • Countertop model
  • 7-year warranty



  • 7 Plates!
  • SMPS Power System -309 watts
  • Convertible Model - can be counter top or optional under counter
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts / Ten (10) years warranty on labor



  • 9 Plates!
  • SMPS Power System -386 watts
  • Convertible Model - can be counter top or optional under counter
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty - parts & labor

All models have dual internal filters with Free Water Report and custom pre-filter

Enagic® and Kangen are registered trademarks of Enagic, Co., Ltd and is in no way affiliated with LIFE Ionizers™. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Copyright © 2008. EarthTrade Water. This information is collected and maintained to the highest possible standard, if you notice a discrepancy in information - please email us at [email protected]

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