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Is Alkaline water a Scam or Misunderstood?

So, is Alkaline Water a scam or what? Huge numbers of people believe drinking alkaline water is good for your health, and may even prevent some diseases. Skeptics claim that alkaline water is a scam, and that it can’t cure diseases. So who's right? Both groups are right. The belief that alkaline water is good for health is supported by over 40 studies and testified to by the tens of thousands of people who drink it.


On the other hand, multi-level marketers who don’t understand the science of alkaline water are promoting the benefits of it, but they are using demonstrably false claims to do so. Those false claim are leading to a huge misunderstanding about alkaline water and water ionizers. And add amunition to those who believe Alkaline water is just a scam. I recently found out just how poorly many alkaline water "critics" understand alkaline water when I read an article on Alternet titled: Huge Number of People Believe Drinking Alkalinized Water Prevents Diseases: Are They Right?

Facing Alkaline Water’s Critics

The comments after the article were filled with critics, making claims such as “This is clearly a religious cult” and “Oh well, I guess it's back to the magic crystals” despite the fact that the article interviewed Professor Daniel P Heil, who has done two clinical studies which show that alkaline water hydrates better, and raises blood and urine pH. I decided to comment on the article, and take some of the critics head on.

Read the my comments in the full article here: Alkaline Water - Myth or Misunderstood?

Why is alkaline water so misunderstood?

Pseudoscience is fake science dressed up to look like real science. There is a lot of pseudoscience being used, mostly by multi-level marketers, to sell water ionizers and alkaline water. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that believe the pseudoscience being used to sell water ionizers, so it gets passed around, and just like any other internet rumors, a lot of people fall for it. Here are a few examples of the misinformation being circulated about alkaline water:

Claims made about alkaline water and water ionizers that just aren’t true

  • Microclustering - Water molecules don’t cluster up
  • Kangen Water - No such thing, just a brand name for alkaline water
  • Oxygenated - Alkaline water contains molecular hydrogen, not oxygen
  • Disease cure - Have to be evaluated by the FDA before you can make them

This is a shortened version of full article posted here: Read the my comments in the full article here: Alkaline Water - Myth or Misunderstood?

Disease cure There have been a lot of studies on the health benefits of alkaline water, but the FDA hasn’t evaluated them. Until it does, nobody can legally make disease cure claims for alkaline water.

Water Ionizers are General Wellness Devices

The FDA recently issued draft guidance for general wellness devices - which include water ionizers. These rules state that general wellness devices are used to promote health, they can assist in health improvements such as weight loss, or to enhance physical fitness. This recent FDA classification is good news, because that’s what alkaline water from a water ionizer is for; to support and enhance your health. If you’re shopping for a water ionizer, this is good information to keep in mind. Legitimate companies will promote their water ionizer as a product for general wellness, and will leave disease cure claims to doctors who are qualified to make them.

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