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The Benefits of Alkaline Water … and the Science to back it up!

Did you know? A glass of water an hour before bed could save your life! In this book, you will learn about that as part of the 10 important benefits that alkaline water can provide for your health, backed up with references to the studies that they are based on.

Each benefit is broken down for you in plain, simple English, and is illustrated by an easy-to-understand infographic. You learnwhat you need to know at a glance! With 10 important benefits, you can get the facts about the health effects of alkaline water, without having to learn any complex medical terminology. But if you want to see the study that the benefit is based on, links are provided so you can see for yourself

Not Theories … Facts

Much of the information you will find on the internet or in books about alkaline water is based on theories. The information in 10 Important Benefits is based on actual scientific research, not theories. This book avoids intentionally theories because your health isn’t a theory, and the decisions you make about it should be based on facts.

  • How dehydration contributes to depression, lethargy and "mental fog."
  • What process alkaline water undergoes to become as pure as water from a high-altitude mountain stream
  • Why the Standard American Diet (SAD)—rather than providing nourishment—is actually slowly killing us.
  • How dehydration actually contributes to obesity, and how you can turn on your fat-burners with a simple switch in your habits.
  • Why soda, sugars, meats, and caffeine are acidic poisons that contribute to aging, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, diabetes and chronic obesity.
Plus!! 8 Free Alkaline Recipes for You to Try at Home!
    • Learn how to easily start on the path to health and wellness with 8 teaser recipes from the forthcoming health and wellness lifestyles book, 30 Minutes a Day for Vibrant Health: The Alkaline Lifestyle Transformation, by Rick Cabados and Katy Joy Freeman.
    • Learn how to make delicious, filling, Alkaline Comfort Soup for those chilly wintry evenings!
    • Learn how to make any of your acidic fruit juices alkaline!

"Thank you for the very informative eBook, really enjoyed it." -Deborah