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    LIFE™ anti-scale system is an eco-friendly water conditioning and water conservation technology that has been solving calcium carbonate scale problems, easily, safely, scientifically since 1972. LIFE™ anti-scale system catalytic water technology has a track record providing scale control and water saving solutions for a range of problems in agriculture, turf, industry, and business.
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    Turn your counter-top unit into a convenient under-counter unit, and reclaim your counter-top space! Don't stoop below the sink to control your water, every Next Generation Stainless Steel Faucet includes:

    • Fits 1 3/8" (3.49cm) fitting in sink
    • One touch, full function LED display
    • pH level indicator
    • Stainless steel dual spout
    • Swivel positioning
    See full specifications here and here.


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