LIFE Alkaline water ionizers cost a lot less than the kangen water® machine. Both machines make alkaline water for drinking, but the Kangen water® machine costs about twice as much as a LIFE ionizer. Is the extra cost of the Kangen water® machine worth it? No, the Kangen water® machine is way too expensive. The cost of the Kangen system is one of the reasons kangen water® is considered to be a health scam.

Which alkaline water system makes the best alkaline water?

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LIFE Ionizers beats Kangen Water on price, power, water purity and value

The best alkaline water is made by water ionizers with a lot of power. The process used by water ionizers – called electrodialysis – splits up the mineral carbonate compounds in tap water to make ionized alkaline water. The more powerful the ionizer is, the more capable it will be in turning ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water. The LIFE 9200 has over 380 watts of power. The Kangen machine only has 250 watts, and it needs chemicals to work to its full potential.

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Better alkaline water starts with filtration

The key to making alkaline water healthy is proper filtration. An alkaline water machine has to filter out chlorine and any other toxins present to make the water healthy. The kangen machine has only one filter, and tests show it isn’t very effective. As a matter of fact, the kangen water® machine can’t filter out metallic ions in water – like mercury- or salt at all.

Warning: Avoid the Kangen water® machine if you are on a low salt diet!

A LIFE water ionizer has three filters. Two internal filters and a custom pre-filter that is selected based on your local water quality. Multiple filtration ensures that you get the cleanest, healthiest alkaline water possible.

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Bottom line: Don’t waste your money on the kangen water® machine. The reason it is so expensive is that it is sold through a multi-level pyramid. Any alkaline water machine on the market today can make alkaline water. LIFE Ionizers alkaline water systems have lots of power and effective filtration so you will get the best alkaline water possible.

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