Bottled alkaline water compared to ionized alkaline water - there is a difference!
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A recent article in Gizmodo asks the question: “Is Alkaline Water Just a Way of Making Expensive Pee?” In it, author Ryan F. Alkaline water has documented health benefits in over 40 studies Mandelbaum opines that “nutrition is a battlefield where everyone has an opinion.” He wonders if you should spend three dollars on an expensive bottle of water, or just drink it from the tap. Mandelbaum goes on to attack research that suggests that alkaline water hydrates better than plain water with some pretty shaky claims such as: “Lots of studies tout the water’s benefits but rarely involve making people drink it. Mandelbaum’s claim is an... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, June 01, 11:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

In 2012, Americans spent $11.8 Billion dollars on bottled water. Many of those buying bottled water do so because they believe their tap water is unhealthy. But the fact is, more often than not the bottled water they purchase is simply filtered tap water! The $11.8 Billion spent, purchased 9.7 billion gallons of water. That’s an average cost of $1.22 per gallon! But is drinking bottled water actually safer than drinking tap water? Surprisingly, the answer is no, and in fact sometimes bottled water can even be bad for your health. Bottled water is a scam A ripoff: Bottled water companies have bilked the public out of billions of dollars by leading... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, October 04, 11:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

With the popularity of ionized alkaline water soaring to new heights, many people have begun replacing their Bottled alkaline water isn’t an antioxidant and it may be toxic normal drinking water with ionized alkaline mineral water. At the market, people can purchase bottled alkaline water, which is very expansive, and it’s not an antioxidant. Most people don’t know that bottled water bought from the market is not the same kind of alkaline water that is made by a water ionizer. It does not provide the same antioxidant benefits as ionized alkaline water does. Worse than that, bottled alkaline water often contains toxic compounds from the... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, August 04, 11:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

Caveat Emptor – buyer beware, that’s the label that they should require be placed on brands of bottled Tests showed that Trader Joe’s alkaline water was 10,000 times less alkaline than what it says on the label alkaline water like Trader Joe’s Alkaline Water + Electrolytes. What should buyers beware of? The pH of the water may be much lower than the pH printed on the bottle. Trader Joe’s alkaline water has no antioxidant benefit – the most important benefit of alkaline water Consumer reviews for Trader Joe’s alkaline water show that people who tested the water found it to have a pH as low as 5 in some instances.... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, July 05, 11:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

The bottled water scam they’re not telling you about: Dasani – a product of Coca Cola, advertised as “pure, still water”, but it’s really just filtered tap water. Aquafina, a product of Pepsi, The three most popular brands of bottled water? They’re just water whose fancy label suggests purity with it’s depiction of a mountain range, is also just tap water. What about Fiji? It’s sold as a special imported water from the Fiji islands. But it’s bottled from the same source that provides tap water for island residents. If you think that drinking bottled water is healthier than tap water, you’re being played for a fool. Consider... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, October 30, 11:59 AM America/Los_Angeles

You’re thirsty, you reach for a bottle of water to quench your thirst. But as you gulp that water down, chemical changes begin inside your body: Chemicals such as BPA and phthalates act as estrogen, disrupting your normal hormonal balance. Endocrine disrupters in bottled water are silent killers If you’re a man, these chemicals reduce the production of testosterone and stimulate the growth of breast tissue. If you’re a woman, they stimulate weight gain and uncontrolled cell reproduction in your breasts that can lead to cancer. For both sexes, the potent hormone disrupting chemicals in plastic bottles increase your chances of developing diabetes... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, October 13, 11:45 AM America/Los_Angeles

People worldwide are choosing bottled water over soda in droves. So many people in fact that bottled water is going to overtake soda in 2016 as the number one beverage choice. Bottled water: More expensive than gas, no more healthy than tap water Worldwide, the bottled water industry is expected to sell 233 billion liters of bottled water, at a price per gallon that is a lot higher than gas! Bottled water is definitely a healthier choice than soda, but it’s not healthy for the environment, and it’s certainly not healthy for your budget. How much should you spend on bottled water? Did you know? Bottled water costs up to 1900% more than tap... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, September 17, 11:54 AM America/Los_Angeles

Water Ionizers Vs Bottled Alkaline Water: Which is best? You’ve heard of alkaline water made with a water ionizer and all the benefits, but then found bottles of alkaline water at the store, and got to wondering what’s the difference? Well you’re not alone, plenty of people ask this question every day. Now you can learn the differences between bottled alkaline water and fresh alkaline ionized water in practically no time. Bottled alkaline water is stale alkaline water Chances are you heard about alkaline ionized water from a friend or family member and all the amazing benefits that can be achieved. But the ionization process... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, September 08, 11:42 AM America/Los_Angeles

What are 5 Things About Water Ionizers Everyone Thinks are True and Why? Home water ionizers are one of the most misunderstood health advancements of the 21rst century. It’s your health, you have the right to know the facts From outrageous claims, to questionable science, it’s easy to find misinformation about water ionizers that you know or suspect just isn’t true. Much of this misinformation comes from companies that don’t really understand how these  machines work. But it’s your health, you have a right to know the facts when making decisions about it. Forewarned is forearmed, don’t believe  any of these five false claims.... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, August 14, 11:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Sunday, learn how to save water, before we run out. Water conservation is going to be prominently featured at EarthFair 2015 this Sunday in San Diego so if you want to do your part, EarthFair is the best place to start. As you probably know, California is severely short on water, Governor Brown has mandated a 25% cut in water use for all communities statewide. This mandatory cut means that water rationing is going to quickly become a reality unless we act voluntarily to cut our water usage, right now. It takes tree bottles of water to make one bottle of water – and we can’t afford it Note: The author of this article is a manager... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, April 17, 14:28 PM America/Los_Angeles