Molecular hydrogen has been studied for its potential as an antioxidant in mostly animal


Hydrogen as an antioxidant has properties very similar to alkaline water

studies and some human studies. There are three ways that hydrogen is administered:

  • Inhalation
  • Intravenously
  • Drinking hydrogen rich water

Of the three methods, intravenous administration shows the most promise followed by inhalation.

There is only a small number of studies on the effects of drinking hydrogen rich water in humans. Most of the human research focuses on intravenous and inhaled hydrogen because those two methods have shown the most promise. Consequently, the most important thing to understand about hydrogen water is that the research on it is preliminary. The reported benefits need to be confirmed with more research.

Hydrogen as an antioxidant: Similarities to ionized alkaline water

The antioxidant health benefits claimed for hydrogen water are the same as those claimed for alkaline water. Consequently, those similarities are caused by the fact that hydrogen water often times is also ionized alkaline water! Water ionizers that make ionized alkaline water also produce a small amount of molecular hydrogen. 

Powerful ionizers like the Life Ionizers MXL-15 can produce significant amounts of hydrogen at the same time they are making alkaline water. So you get both: Antioxidant alkaline water and hydrogen rich water in the same glass!

Hydrogen rich alkaline ionized water has been used in some of the health studies on molecular hydrogen. That’s actually a problem: Did the health benefits observed in those studies come from the molecular hydrogen, the ionized alkaline water, or both? One study compared the antioxidant effects of molecular hydrogen bubbled into water to the antioxidant effects of ionized alkaline water. The study found that they both act as antioxidants, but ionized alkaline water is the better antioxidant.

Hydrogen water as a neuroprotectant

Studies have shown that hydrogen has the ability to reduce oxidative damage caused by Reactive Oxygen Species. Ionized alkaline water has shown the exact same effect. Both hydrogen, and the hydroxyl ion (the active ingredient in ionized alkaline water) can cross the blood-brain barrier. Therefore they can both potentially deliver antioxidant benefits directly to the brain.

Reduction of harmful radicals in Parkinson’s patients

A clinical trial on Parkinson’s patients showed that drinking hydrogen water reduced hydroxide radicals. But it didn’t reduce other radicals. Studies on the neuroprotective effects of ionized alkaline water show that it reduces all of the radicals hydrogen doesn’t. The study only examined antioxidant levels. The effect of the hydrogen water on the progression of the patient’s Parkinson’s symptoms was not evaluated. These findings support the theory that ionized alkaline water and hydrogen may be most effective when taken together.

Hydrogen water for increased athletic performance

Ten male soccer players drank hydrogen water and then were subjected to strenuous exercise. Then their levels of blood lactate and muscle fatigue were measured and compared to the same strenuous exercise when they drank plain water. The study showed that the athletes had lower blood lactate levels and less muscle fatigue when they drank the hydrogen water than they did with plain water. But there’s a problem with this study:

Magnesium: the confounding factor in this study: The study was called Pilot study: Effects of drinking hydrogen rich water on muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise in elite athletes. It made hydrogen water using magnesium hydrogen sticks. The problem with using hydrogen sticks is that they also add magnesium and hydroxyl ions (the active ingredient in alkaline water) to the water along with hydrogen. Here is how hydrogen sticks make hydrogen in water:

Mg + 2H20 > MG(OH)2 + H2

(Magnesium + water > Magnesium hydroxide + hydrogen gas)

Magnesium hydroxide makes water alkaline as well as hydrogen rich. So the water used in this study had both the antioxidant hydroxyl ion and hydrogen in it.

Hydrogen water and metabolic syndrome

Hydrogen water made using magnesium hydrogen sticks was also used in a study on patients with potential metabolic syndrome. People with metabolic syndrome exhibit several symptoms including:

  • Obesity
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels


Metabolic syndrome is at epidemic levels in America. It’s an epidemic of heart disease that is killing millions. The consumption of the magnesium hydroxide and hydrogen rich water in the study resulted in a 39% increase in levels of the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase. It also resulted in a 43% decrease in the harmful radical thiobarbituric acid.

The same effect on antioxidant and cholesterol levels found with alkaline water

Interestingly, studies on alkaline water showed that it had the exact same effect on Superoxide Dismutase and thiobarbituric acid. Those results suggest strongly that the magnesium and the hydroxyl ions in the water were also involved in the improvements noted in the study. The study also noted a 13% decrease in bad cholesterol levels, and an 8% increase in good cholesterol levels. Those are also the exact same improvements in cholesterol have also been shown in studies on alkaline water.

Only a few human studies on drinking molecular hydrogen

The studies discussed in this article are the only known studies on humans drinking hydrogen-rich water. There are animal studies on hydrogen, and laboratory studies on it. But those studies are always inconclusive: Humans don’t always react the way animals do, and lab studies don’t determine how something will react inside the human body. Because of this, it’s safe to say that our understanding of the effects of drinking water rich in hydrogen is at best preliminary

The problem caused by using hydrogen sticks and water ionizers to make hydrogen rich water

In research, a confounding factor is a thing that complicates researcher’s efforts to study something. In hydrogen water studies the use of hydrogen sticks and water ionizers is a confounding factor. This is because both water ionizers and hydrogen sticks make alkaline water while they are making hydrogen water. Because of that, any study that uses hydrogen sticks or water ionizers to make hydrogen rich water isn’t definitive. You can’t be sure where the benefits observed in the study come from. The hydrogen, the hydroxyl ion, or magnesium from the stick? Probably, all three methods contributed something to the outcome.

The confusion caused by using hydrogen sticks and water ionizers to make hydrogen rich water is easy to avoid. You could simply bubble hydrogen gas into water and avoid it.

This fact begs the question: Why don’t all the hydrogen studies use water bubbled with hydrogen? Because that would avoid the confusion caused by using water ionizers to make hydrogen water.

Your best bet: A water ionizer that makes lots of hydrogen

Health researchers who use water ionizers and hydrogen sticks to make hydrogen rich water get similar results. That fact should surprise nobody, but it’s never discussed in the hydrogen studies. So what should you do if you are wondering whether to drink alkaline water or hydrogen water? Your best bet is to get a machine that makes both waters.

Life Ionizers decided to upgrade our machines so they make alkaline and hydrogen rich water. Life’s new Hydrogen XL technology makes the most molecular hydrogen and antioxidant potential that you can get in a glass of water. Consequently, this means that Life Ionizers gives you the benefits of both!

Two health benefits in one! Get the benefits of hydrogen and alkaline water in every glass of water you drink! Call  877 959-7977 and ask about Life Ionizers with Hydrogen XL technology




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