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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Ionized Alkaline Water and Weight Loss

  • Life Ionizers Admin
  • October 13th, 2010

As the number of obese and overweight people continues to rise, many people find themselves searching for a weight loss cure. Seeking a quick fix often supersedes  our understanding of how the problem manifested in the first place. Listening to our bodies and discovering the ways we can help it work more harmoniously is the path to an efficient functioning body. A body that is at a proper weight based on height, frame size, muscle mass and overall proportion.

One way overall health can be influenced is by adjusting the pH balance of the human body.

Metabolic Acidosis – A chronic disease caused by food

The traditional meat and grain American diet may create a low grade metabolic acidosis in many individuals. The natural pH of the blood, which bathes almost all living cells, is considered to be 7.3 by most health care experts. When this pH drops slightly toward the more acidic side, e.g., 7.29, critical enzymes involved in the digestive process no longer work at optimal levels. A normally healthy body can compensate and re-adjust it’s pH. But if you are overweight, constantly out of breath, or suffer from high blood pressure or high blood sugar, your body isn’t healthy.

It is similar to having a body temperature of 98 instead of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Not life threatening but life altering. Transforming the body and maintaining a more alkaline pH balance may result in improved overall health, which can help you lose weight.

In addition to monitoring the food we eat, insuring that we take in more alkaline water and food, as opposed to acidic foods and drinks, there are many ways we can attain and maintain a more healthy pH balance.

How alkaline water from a water ionizer can help your body achieve a balanced state

One way is by hydrating with alkaline water. Drinking ionized alkaline water results in a more alkaline state, providing freedom from the body acidity that interferes with the body’s natural state. A more balanced pH state can provide relief from weight gain, making it easier to lose weight and combating various illnesses that live comfortably within an acidic environment within the human body.

Alkaline water  has a higher pH than traditional drinking water, making it perfect to help neutralize the excessive acidity that results from our modern lifestyles. A water ionizer can be a convenient way to drink more alkaline water, which helps detoxify the body, aiding in the removal of acidity that can often be found in fat cells.

Eating and drinking a diet low in acidity can result in a more balanced pH within one’s body, making weight loss an easier battle. Balancing the body’s pH is not a magic fix. Instead, it’s a natural way to work with the organic body processes, helping the body to function in a more natural way.

Eating foods lower in acid, like leafy greens and other vegetables and avoiding over-processed and manufactured foods, rich meats, refined sugars and refined grains can help the body maintain and improve its pH balance. Keeping the body’s natural pH level balanced can be as simple as insuring our plates are filled with healthy, alkaline foods and minimal acidic foods. A ratio of 70-80 percent alkaline foods and drinks and 20-30 percent acidic foods and drinks can be a good rule of thumb to maintain a balanced pH level within one’s body.

Simply being aware of pH levels within our bodies is a great first step at achieving a lower weight through balanced pH. Informing oneself of the different effects of imbalanced pH levels and taking necessary steps to lower acidity levels we encounter on a daily basis through lifestyle choices, can be a vital way of taking control of our health.

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