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Alkaline Water Ionizers

Benefits of Alkaline Water for Pets

  • Life Ionizers Admin
  • June 8th, 2010

Alkaline PetsThe biologically appropriate raw food diet for pets, known as BARF, began a movement toward restoring the diet of our pets to that of their ancestors. The diet consists of feeding your pets raw bones, raw meat, and raw vegetable matter. However what has not been included in this new dietary regime for pets is the quality and type of their drinking water. We at LifeIonizers are committed to supplying our pets with the highest quality water available. Alkaline ionized water is the biologically appropriate water for your pets. Natural spring water, glacial water is all naturally alkaline and ionized. This is the type of water that all pets and for that matter all humans should drink. When commercially treated water is ionized the oxidation reduction potential of the water is returned to its natural negatively charged state. This restores the water with its natural life force and in the process becomes a natural antioxidant. The free radical damage and lack of antioxidants have been linked to the aging process by many researchers. All pets would benefit from the addition of extra antioxidants into their daily diet. As nature intended it there would be no more natural way to accomplish this then through the drinking of alkaline, ionized water. Also when commercially treated water is processed by an ionizer machine, alkaline minerals are captured and returned to the water. This is important because cats are obligate carnivores and as such create metabolic acidity through the digestion of meat. The addition of extra alkaline minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium helps to neutralize this created metabolic acidity.

For many years the state-of-the-art of water quality was determined by its purity, in other words getting the toxins out of the water. For sure this is an important part of water quality but water is more than just pure H2O. The endgame of this approach has become the use of distillers and reverse osmosis water machines. In both cases 99% of any of the beneficial natural minerals have been eliminated from the water. The other problem with distilled or reverse osmosis water is that it has been rendered “dead”. The natural negative charge of the water, the negative ORP, has been eliminated and a positive charge has been substituted. It would be analogous to creating in a sense static electricity where none existed beforehand. This dead water is not biologically appropriate water and is not absorbed nor utilized as beneficially as alkaline, ionized water as nature intended it.  When commercially treated water is ionized it becomes wetter, in which the cluster size of the water molecules is reduced from an average of 13 molecules to six. This makes the water a better hydrator and solvent to toxins which enhance their removal.

Another way to look at the concept of biologically appropriate alkaline ionized water, is to consider the process of making, for example, fresh carrot juice. Fresh carrot juice only remains fresh for a certain period of time.  After several minutes to hours the juice becomes oxidized from its exposure to air, much like how a cut apple turns brown. What most people don’t understand is that the same process occurs to water that is commercially treated over and over and over again, rendering it lifeless. Another example is the air you breathe when traveling on a commercial jetliner. Everyone has experienced how stale or if you will, dead, the air becomes. It is still breathable but it is now lacking fresh oxygen and in all likelihood other elements. When this air is recycled through an air ionizer, its life force is returned. Anyone who owns an air ionizer has experienced this phenomenon. This is the same thing that happens to water and can be reversed by utilizing a water ionizer machine.

Help your pets live a longer and healthier life and consider including alkaline, ionized water into the daily diet.

Yours pH or Better Health,

Mr. Kopko

Chief Science Advisor