Life Ionizers new 2018 MX-L Series water ionizers have been completely redesigned from the ground up.


New 2018 Life Ionizers are the most water efficient ionizers on the market today

These new machines are far more water efficient than all other brands of water ionizer. Conventional ionizers generate a 50% alkaline water and 50% acidic water when making alkaline water. Life’s new MX-L Series water ionizers generate 67% alkaline water and only 33% acidic water when making alkaline water. That’s 50% more efficient than any other brand of water ionizer!

Why water ionizers make alkaline and acid water at the same time

Water ionizers make alkaline and acidic water at the same time because the process used by water ionizers – electrodialysis – splits the alkaline elements in water from the acidic ones. The alkaline and acid elements pass through a membrane and into separate chambers. Once split, the alkaline and acidic elements in the water as discharged in separate streams. Conventional ionizers discharge 50% alkaline water, and 50% acidic water. Acidic water has many uses, but a lot of people don’t take full advantage of those uses. That results in wasted acidic water.

How Life Ionizers made water ionizers more efficient

XL Matrix GRID plates: Life Ionizers combined a few new cutting edge technologies to increase the efficiency of our water ionizers. We redesigned our Heavy-Duty GRID plates to have higher edge surface area, because electricity prefers to travel on edges, rather than flat surfaces. Our new XL Matrix GRID platesTM, XL means Xtra Large, are able to achieve much a higher rate of ionization than conventional plates. That enabled us to cut down on the amount of acid water our ionizers needed to produce when making even high pH alkaline water.

Porelon® Micromembrane: The new membrane used in our water ionizers’ ionization chamber takes advantage of Porelon Technology, which precisely controls the size of the pores in the membrane. This enabled us to target the alkaline mineral ions in water that make water alkaline. The new membrane transfers those mineral ions far more efficiently than conventional membranes can. This advance also helped reduce the amount of acid water our ionizers need to produce.

XL ChambersTM: Our new XL Chambers, which means Xtra Large, are the largest ionization chambers in the industry. This allows our ionizers to increase the amount of time that water spends inside the ionization chamber, so the water is ionized more thoroughly. Increasing the time that the water spends in the ionization chamber also enables us to reduce the amount of acidic water produced during ionization.

XL PowerTM  SMPS Power Supply: We upgraded our power supply to provide highly precise current flow, so we can optimize the power going to the plates based on the quality of your water. Precise power control further reduces the amount of acidic water our ionizers must make to deliver the healthiest ionized alkaline water possible.

Balanced pH and highest antioxidant potential – guaranteed!

Our new more water efficient M Series XL ionizers are the most water-efficient ionizers on the market. They also make the healthiest ionized alkaline water. Life Ionizers guarantees that you’ll get the highest antioxidant benefit in every pH-balanced glass of ionized alkaline water you drink. What do we mean by this? You will get the highest antioxidant benefit possible in every glass of ionized alkaline water that is balanced at the ideal pH level of 9 – 9.5 for daily consumption. Why 9 – 9.5? Because that’s the pH level recommended by doctors and health experts that have studied alkaline water or who use it in their medical practice.

Life Ionizers can make ionized alkaline water at pH values greater than 9.5

SInce the ideal level for daily consumption is 9 – 9.5, what is the higher pH alkaline water for? High-pH alkaline water is consumed for specific health purposes. If you struggle with acidic body conditions like GERD, high pH alkaline water provides superior acid-buffering. That means you can get relief faster than you would with alkaline water in the 9 – 9.5 pH level.

Athletes and others who want to max-out their workouts use high pH alkaline water to alkalize their bodies prior to working out. By alkalizing their bodies, those athletes are able to reduce the amount of performance-robbing acidity that builds up in their muscles. That enables them to workout harder and longer. When it’s “game on” time, alkalizing your body can give you an edge over your competitors.

Detoxing produce: Another use of high-pH alkaline water is detoxifying produce of acidic pesticide and herbicide residue. Alkaline water does more than just rinse toxic residues off of produce: It neutralizes those residues, so they become harmless and easier to wash off. You can actually see it work: If you soak produce in a bowl of alkaline water for about 20 minutes, that water will turn muddy brown. That muddy color is all of the impurities that were removed by alkaline water. Plain water doesn’t do this, the water in the bowl would remain clear even after 20 minutes.

The best alkaline water machines money can buy

Life Ionizers new 2018 models combine our high efficiency ionization chambers, plates, and power with the ultimate in custom filtration, anti-scale technology, and even optional UV light disinfection to produce the highest quality glass of ionized alkaline water you can drink. You really can have everything: The highest antioxidant potential, the highest acid-fighting alkalinity, and the highest purity ionized alkaline water possible, from the new Life Ionizers M Series XL water ionizers. You can even taste the difference: Ionized alkaline water by Life is the best tasting glass of water you ever drank, we guarantee it.

Take an alkaline water test drive: Want to find out what ionized alkaline water can do for you? It’s easy with Life’s 75 day return policy. You can buy a Life Ionizer, try it in your home for 75 days, and if you aren’t thrilled with the results, you can return the machine*

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