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The way the Kangen Water machine is sold is an alkaline water scam, and it must stop.     The $4,000 alkaline water scam EXPOSED by Life Water Ionizers The Kangen Water machine is a rip-off. That was the conclusion of Dr. Rafael Castillo, who wrote an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer about his relatives purchase of a $4,000 “water alkalizer or ionizer” from a Multi-Level Marketer. The only $4,000 water ionizer sold through MLM is the Kangen Water machine.  Castillo was shocked by his “scholarly” relatives’ purchase and responded by attacking alkaline water as a scam. All of the evidence Dr. Castillo cites to support... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, January 13, 13:57 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Kangen Water machine®  is a water ionizer. It works exactly the same way that any other water ionizer works: Water passes over charged plates that are separated by an ion-permeable membrane. The electrostatic charge on the machine’s plates causes the minerals in tap water – calcium and magnesium – to be separated from the acidic carbonate that they are mixed with in the water. Once free of the acidic carbonate, the minerals combine with an antioxidant hydroxyl ion taken from a water molecule which forms mineral hydrates. It is the mineral hydrates in Kangen Water® that give it its alkalinity and antioxidant potential. The... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Monday, October 27, 13:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Is Kangen Water™ a scam? No, but the way it’s marketed sure seems like a scam. The Kangen water machine is a well built water ionizer that makes ionized alkaline water. The machine itself isn’t a scam. It produces healthy ionized alkaline water, with the same health benefits that come from any brand of ionized alkaline water. However, the price of the Kangen Machine is more than twice the price of many competing water ionizers, and it’s just not worth it. The reason Kangen Water™ is considered to be a scam is because of the hard sales tactics used by some independent Enagic™ Kangen multi-level marketers. The scam... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Friday, September 05, 14:03 PM America/Los_Angeles

The popular skeptic website Snopes.com has a discussion thread on water ionizers that claims that water ionizers are “according to scientists” – whom Snopes fails to quote – are “medically baseless.” The brief article in Snopes then goes on to suggest that using a “commercially available home water filtration pitcher, and then boiling the water from it, will “double the protection” (the article doesn’t say from what) and “certainly not cost $1500 – $2000.” The Snopes water ionizer scam is easily debunked by facts. The Medical Basis for Water Ionizers The first claim Snopes makes is that there is no medical... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, July 08, 11:40 AM America/Los_Angeles

How does Kangen water compare to alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer?  Kangen water® is actually weaker than ionized alkaline water made by a Life Ionizer because the kangen water® machine isn’t anywhere near as powerful as a Life Ionizer. Kangen water® is a brand name for alkaline water that was made up by Enagic® Corporation. It is often marketed with claims that it is somehow different or better than ionized alkaline water made by other water ionizers. But the fact is there is no difference between Kangen Water and alkaline water. Got Heavy Metals in your Water? You deserve better – compare Kangen to Life Ionizers and save There... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, May 20, 10:43 AM America/Los_Angeles

So you went on eBay or Amazon and found a great deal on the Kangen Water™ Machine. It normally sells for $3980, but you found it for a lot less than that – the deal seems almost too good to be true! That’s because it probably is too good to be true. Enagic kangan does not allow the kangen machine to be sold at a discount. If you buy a kangen machine that has been discounted fraudulently, you may end up being sued by Enagic to recover the profit they didn’t make on that machine. Enagic may also not provide any warranty on your machine, or even sell you replacement filters unless you pay the delinquent profit on that machine in full. Think... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, May 06, 11:36 AM America/Los_Angeles

Are the benefits of kangen® water a myth or real? Some of the benefits claimed for kangen® water are mythical, they’re simply too good to be true. The problem with kangen® water, and the reason you should be wary of it is that kangen® water is oversold. kangen® water is simply a brand name for alkaline water which is used by Enagic®, the company that sells the kangen® water machine. Drinking alkaline water has health benefits, but don’t believe the hype around kangen® water. kangen® water is frequently not as good as alkaline water made by other water ionizers. Learn More The kangen water myth: Magical water that defies the laws of... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Tuesday, April 08, 11:05 AM America/Los_Angeles

Does Kangen Water Contain Fluoride by Water Ionizers If there is fluoride in your water supply, then your kangen water® will contain fluoride. Fluoride removal requires a special filter that Enagic® Kangen does not have. The kangen water® machine also does not remove salt or heavy metals in your water. For the kangen water® machine to filter effectively, it needs a prefilter. kangen water® machine owners can purchase prefilters from Enagic® at substantial additional cost. Learn More The Question Kangen representatives can’t answer Kangen water can contain fluoride, salt, and heavy metals Some kangen dealers will tell you that their water... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Monday, November 25, 11:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Kangen Water TESTED: Not good at Neutralizing Acidity by the best Water Ionizers Kangen® claim put to the test: We tested a widely circulated claim by Enagic® Kangen Water® sales reps that it takes 23 glasses of kangen water® to neutralize a can of soda. While it may take a kangen water® machine 23 glasses, it only takes 18 glasses of alkaline water from a Life Ionizers to neutralize the acidity of a can of soda. Compare Kangen Water to Life and Save Power: Why Life beat Enagic® Alkaline Water by Life Ionizers PROVEN more powerful than Kangen Water The test we did was very simple, we added alkaline water to 12 ounces of soda (the amount... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Monday, October 07, 10:56 AM America/Los_Angeles

How to clean a kangen water machine by Top Water Ionizers The kangen water® machine is one of the oldest water ionizers on the market today, and it’s the most difficult water ionizer to clean. There is an 8-step process manual  for cleaning a kangen water® machine. Additionally, you need to return your kangen® machine to Enagic® twice a year for factory cleaning (at your expense). You must follow the 8 cleaning steps carefully, because if you do it wrong, you will destroy the machine’s plates, which will cost you $800 to replace! Maintaining a kangen water® machine is a lot of work Compare the kangen water® machine to Life Ionizers Kangen... Read More »

By Leo McDevitt on Thursday, August 01, 11:04 AM America/Los_Angeles